The Interfaith Gazette Newspaper is the premier faith based paper in Northwest, Ohio. The first issue of the paper was published in December, 2015. After much prayer, continued response and voices from the community about the absence of a resource to the churches where the faith based community could be informed about what was actually taking place in the local church, it was founded. It was also created out of a need to help further the vision of Pastors, Ministries, Congregations, Business Alliances and Affiliations with ministries, as well as to report news worthy events. It is also a goal of the Interfaith Gazette Newspaper to present up to the day programs and services that are available to the community. It was definitely the sentiments of the Publisher to respond to PROVERBS 29:18 via the birth of the Interfaith Gazette Newspaper to the Toledo and surrounding communities. It is a bi-monthly FREE publication that is distributed on the first and third Wednesday of the month. 


The Interfaith Gazette Newspaper is an equal opportunity advertiser, who believes that churches, businesses, and individuals all have a right to advertise their programs, services, events, and opinions. No one is denied this access to the Interfaith Gazette Newspaper who complies with the rules and standards of the paper. PROVERBS 29:18 personifies our commitment and vision for the community, I.e. WHERE THER IS NO VISION PEOPLE PERISH!



  • To bring the voices of the faith based community to print

  • To advance the spiritual causes, concerns, and relationships in the faith  community via print

  • To present equal and advancement opportunities to all who expresses interest in the Interfaith Gazette Newspaper

  • To foster friendly and godly cooperation by and between Interfaith Gazette Newspaper and external entities

  • To serve God and the community in excellence