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Rev. Floyd Rose

G. Chapman

Rev. Talmadge Thomas


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Beverly Brown

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Pastor Ivory Payne

The Interfaith Gazette Newspaper Team is a group of qualified, committed, professionals in their own vocations and careers, that have been led to share the vision of the Interfaith Gazette Newspaper with the community in various capacities. It is through their commitment and capacities that they are able to genuinely spread the message of " WE BRING VOICES TO PRINT". 

In their roles with IFG as Reporters, Guest Columnists, Sales, and Distribution,  each is encouraged to embrace the goals and mission of the paper in an effort to convey God's place in our lives and how we can fulfill the purpose that he has given all of us. It is the intent of the staff to ensure that each individual coming in contact with a copy of any issue of the paper, be left with information about churches, ministries, organizations, businesses, and news that you can use. The Interfaith Gazette Newspaper also partners with other entities to bring you up to date, national, state, local, and inspirational news of noteworthy attention. 

The Team is dedicated to the mission of the Interfaith Gazette Newspaper and prays that this faith based publication leaves a positive impact upon each reader. 

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