Become A Media Partner with the Gazette

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Become A Media Partner with the Gazette

ADVERTISE    Call  491.255.7555

What are the Demographics?

The Interfaith Gazette is a local, multicultural, faith based, non-partisan, paper that is extended and welcomed to be patronized by all faiths. We are distributed in the North, South, East, West, Central, and surrounding suburban communities, reaching as far as Sandusky, Oh. and Monroe, Mi. The Gazette is distributed and can be found in to date, 496 churches, grocery stores, hospitals, libraries, corner stores, laundromats, local fast foods, clothing boutiques, pharmacies, and more. The requests are growing daily to be added as additional drop off sites. The targeted population age range is from 18 years of age to 80 years and beyond. This number is derived at based upon testimonies from the varying age groups.


Issue Deadlines

The Interfaith Gazette Newspaper is distributed on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Submissions are due into the office by 5:00 PM each Wednesday. Each submission should be ready for print and should meet the standards of the paper set forth.


Column Specs.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure accuracy of each submission to the paper. Interfaith Gazette takes no responsibility of errors that are made by the customer. All effort will be made to accurately seek out correct information to be published, in the event of noticeable errors submitted by the customer prior to publishing. The following are the specs for AD DIMENSIONS:


Ads Specs.


Full Page Ad            10 h  x 15 w

Half Page Ad            5 h x 15 w

1/4 qtr. Page Ad      5 h x 7.5

1/8 Page                   2.5 h  x 7.5

Business Cards are accepted and strategically placed

Ads Design

The Interfaith Gazette eliminates the need for commissions, retainers, and contracts. We provide print ad design services on a project basis, using a standardized pricing system. So whether you need newspaper advertisingmagazine advertising, or a flyer, we’ll work with you to create advistisment that turns readers into paying customers.


Rate Sheet

Interfaith Gazette Newspaper prides itself on affordable, economical rates to customers at all levels of advertising. It is suggested that customers call regarding their specific need(s) in question. Even though the rates are economical, they are subject to change as the market dictates. Request Full Media Kit.



Advertising with the Interfaith Gazette Newspaper is easy. The unique audience and versatility of the readers, makes ADVERTISING in the Interfaith Gazette rewarding. The Interfaith Gazette Newspaper does not discriminate against anyone who is in need of advertising services. However, it does have the right to refuse services that are deemed to be inappropriate/offensive/lacking good taste to the population served by the paper. Submissions are encouraged to be camera ready, however a request for this service is available to each and any customer or potential customer who may be in need of these kind of services.


Full Media Kit TODAY!

Call 419.724.2390


Contact Information

5967 Telegraph Rd

Toledo, Ohio 43612

Phone:  419.214.0730



Interfaith Gazette

It is the goal of the Interfaith Gazette Newspaper to present up to the day programs and services that are available to the community. It was definitely the sentiments of the Publisher to respond to PROVERBS 29:18 via the birth of the Interfaith Gazette Newspaper to the Toledo and surrounding communities. It is a bi-monthly FREE publication that is distributed on the first and third Wednesday of the month. 

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