MCKINSTRY MIDWEST COLLEGE of THEOLOGY: Broadens Its Scope with A Partnership That Makes Sense!

By Interfaith Gazette Staff

When great minds meet, great things happen. Recently a non traditional thing happened that brought two unconventional entities together making the usual and customary a happy union worth talking about. The MMCT, McKinstry Midwest College of Theology stepped out of bounds into a new arena that has yielded a magnanimous return, where new heights will make way for a “new home” for the school.

In an interview with the CEO, Roy Cherry of The Epilepsy Center of Northwest Ohio last month, he revealed a new initiative that will allow two different worlds to bridge their seeming to be gaps, together. What appears to be a dream come true for Bishop McKinstry, who has been pondering expansion for the purpose of being more inclusive of students, as well as to pursue a practical approach to a partnership that will benefit all parties, has finally come to fruition.

The MMCT has a new location at 1701 Holland Rd. in Maumee, Ohio. The school will now share its mission with students in a modern, accessible facility that includes classrooms, meeting rooms, lounge, and study hall, offering educational and auxiliary services to students and families.

What made sense to Roy Cherry, CEO, after finding out that Bishop McKinstry was seeking another location for the school, from an employee who just happens to be a member of The Worship Center, pursuing other options was never considered. The Epilepsy Center became the option of choice and the partnership emerged between the two entities. He spoke on the mission and activities of the center which range from vocational opportunities, employment, and assisting individuals to achieve self sufficiency, as well as those who might be in need of developmental services, and or residential services. He is excited about the partnership which broadens and expands their mission to those who may be limited about the services that the center offers.

Being in a good spot for all of the right reasons, became evident that Sis. Teneisha Jones, who is the Human Resources Manager for The Epilepsy Center, shared at the right time for the right thing to take place. She stated that she was just pleased to be able to sit where she sits and cause this move to take place for her Pastor. She looks forward to attending and being a part of the move. As she attended orientation about the school, she thought that it would have been nice to have a neutral site and it prompted her to move out and approach the director at her place of employment. And she proudly reports that the rest is history. She stated that she sees this as an outreach and raising awareness about the center.

In speaking further to Mr. Cherry, he stated that he had been contemplating how the center could become more effective in building relations and expanding in the community so that they could become more in touch with families needing the services that the Epilepsy Center has to offer, and this is another way that the word will get out about what is available and accessible to those in need of the many services that are offered at the center. He sees this as a good marriage meeting each other’s need.

Bishop McKinstry offered a divine blessing as to what will take place for the returning as well as new students who will be attending the school. She stated that the location is easy to get to and many will see this location as a much more viable option rather than attending a church facility. Excitement is in the air.

MMCT will resume January 10, 2017. Please call the Worship Center for information regarding the calendar and school activities for the year. Bishop McKinstry, we salute you and the students who will enjoy the new location of the MMCT! God bless you.

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