Mt. Nebo’s 86 Years of Strong, Stronger, and Strongest!

831 N. Detroit Ave. has been a place that has attracted and welcomed many well wishers, national figures, politicians, and hometown heroes through its doors. It survived many challenges down through the years as the church transitioned from deaths of previous leaders as Pastor Johnson, and Pastor A. L. Roach. On Sunday, November 6, many gathered to applaud the celebration of 86 years that Mt. Nebo has been going strong.

Three Pastors can be given credence for the longevity and survival of a congregation who dares to keep going and going and going. The present Pastor Cedric Brock has been there 23 years. He proudly boast of his journey at Mt. Nebo as he landed there in his twenties and there is where he still remains. The torch was passed on to him from Pastor A. L. Roach, who had an extensive history of being very civic minded. In fact Rev. Roach entertained the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Muhammad Ali. However, today Pastor Brock pays homage to Rev. Roach as he stresses the importance of churches being even more involved in Civic matters now so that they will have a voice into what happens to them, their families, and communities in which they live. He further believes that this thereby gives the people confidence in the system.

When asked what the Take away for the people celebrating the 86 years would be for him as the Pastor, he responded that what he wanted for them is the fellowship, togetherness, as well as the future of the churches being made relevant for the people, being able to do things Christlike, and to be a part of what God is doing today. He admonishes the church to STAY INVOLVED, as he cites how Isaiah in the Bible stayed involved because he went to the King about his role and what he should do. We too must do this.

The Reporter changes the subject with Pastor and speaks of the presence of a significant number of youth in his church. Pastor responds saying that it wasn’t always like that; he has worked hard to increase the youth participation in the church. To date he has about 50 young men in the Boys to Men In Christ, and several in the DIVAS, which are the young ladies. He states that his focus is on teaching them Christ skills, life skills, and the importance of being teachable; the same way that he sees himself constantly being in school as he continues to learn and grow. He states that he receives calls from other Pastors about their young men and he welcomes those who would like to refer their young men to the program. You may call 419.246.8561.

The church welcomes young people and one of them is Javontae Howard, 15 years of age. He says that he has been in church all of his life, although he has only been at Mt. Nebo for one and a half years. He states his reason for coming to the church is “God will help you out with all of your problems. You will be able to follow your dreams. He enjoys being there because the Pastor and the church really helps him out with a lot of things that he has been going through. He says that if there was one thing that he would say to young people to keep them on track, it would be to STAY OFF THE STREETS”.

The Theme for the celebration was “We Were A Part Of Our Past”, and what a great celebration it was. Services at Mt. Nebo take place on Sunday at 9:00 A M and 11:30 A M. Church School takes place at 10:15 A M and Midweek service is on Wednesday at 6:00 PM where dinner is served. Pastor Brock thanks all of those who were a part of this great celebration and states that he looks forward to what God is going to doing 2017 and to God Be The Glory.

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