Preachers Reaching Beyond The Pulpit For “New and Blue: 22”!

It is often stated that a PREACHERS job is to preach. But I am glad to say that a group of Preachers that we all know, do more than preach. In the scheme of things, a normal day for a PREACHER who pastors a church, will consist of him/her making hospital runs generally in the morning, after the doctor has made his rounds, and then to the office to return phone calls, respond to emails, talk to the visitor who shows up at the church in need, hear about the bills due when sometimes the money on hand is no where close to what you need, and then hears of a death of a relative of a church member who had no church affiliation and wants to use the church for funeral services, and the list goes on and on. And oh did I mention that the brakes on the church van just went out?

Well, this list of necessary and accounted for duties, is not exhaustive or exclusive. But what is rather conspicuous about this is that Pastors find themselves having to be All to All, all of the time and forever being commodious.

However, on Wednesday, several Pastors, community leaders, and well wishers of the Lucas County Public Library, came together to put their reach beyond the pulpit. Pastor Cedric Brock led a group of Pastors to the newly selected site for the Mott Branch Library that will be built on Dorr Street, adjacent to the present location. Those present to show support for the new Library were Pastor James Willis, Bishop M. C. McGhee, Pastor Timothy Clark, Pastor Shirley Sparks, Pastor Monica Townsend, and others supporting the Library but not present were Bishop Terry Cook, Pastor Robert Lyons, and Pastor Otis Gordon. Also present were some of the students from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy for Boys, along with the Principal, Willie Ward and Assistant Principal William White, Councilman Tyrone Riley and Councilwoman Dr. Cecelia Adams.

The excitement for the new structure as expressed by Mr. Scoles, Director, reveals great expectations for the new site. He shared his vision that includes the newest technology, unlimited media resources, and expanded access to the library. He credits Mayor Collins for being proactive about making sure that the new Library is erected on a parcel of property that is held by the City of Toledo. The Library was asked to make a one time donation of $25,000 for the property.

The property is referred to as Smith Park. Judith Jones, Branch Director at Mott Library, states that this was a long time coming and she lived to see this come to fruition. On a trip to Chicago to study the Library system there, she became confident that Toledo could as well experience the newest wave of the Library world. She states that one of her greatest excitements about the new Library is that it will have a “drive thru”.

The gathering of Preachers and other community leaders ended in a chant led by Pastor Brock which erupted into loudly repeating after him with the words: BLUE 22, BLUE 22, BLUE 22!

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