The Worship Center’s Annual Sisterhood Brunch Showcases Unsung Heroes

By Interfaith Gazette Staff

Nothing, clearly nothing speaks volumes like a “REAL SISTERHOOD”that is done right for all of the right reasons. On Saturday Dec. 4th, more than 175 people gathered at The Radisson Hotel early in the morning to break bread, smile, honor, and enjoy NOW fashions from both male and female stylists, while honoring sisters and their protégés.

The Worship Center held its annual Sisterhood Brunch while feeding family and friends became flanked with the highlights of also honoring two people for their untiring and selfless giving to others. which were Sis. Gloria Graham and Bishop M. C. McGhee. The audience was filled with family members of the honorees, as well as attendees from all walks of life, denominations, vocations, cultures, and socioeconomic statuses. Many onlookers said that they were just glad to be in attendance to enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie among brothers and sisters.

The ambiance filled the room with table arrangements and settings next to none that would so compare to dining in extravagant elegance early in the morning. As the room was bubbling with anticipation, excitement, and curiosity, each minute seemed to have filled the hearts and minds of the onlookers as the doors swung open to those coming and going for the purpose of magnifying fellowship.

Sisterhood was the theme throughout the entire morning. Gifts and giveaways gave way to great applause as those awaiting their number to be called waved their arms in anticipation that their number would be called for the great gifts that were provided. Vendors lined up in the corridors offering many opportunities for attendees to do easy shopping.

And as the morning progressed, several entities filled the day with one event after another that took the Brunch to becoming the destination of choice for the day. Bishop Patricia and Overseer Luther McKinstry, served as hosts whose invitation rounded up Bishops, Pastors, Elders, Teachers, Judges, Administrators, Union Officials, and many others. Judge Denise Cubbon, Administrative Judge of Lucas County Juvenile Court, stated that she was invited to come and enjoy the Brunch and Sisterhood to let it all go for the day and put all the hard work aside, to celebrate the season, and get ready for the upcoming year. She stated that things are going well, that they are taking a look at all of the new research and science that is designed to make things better for children and families, giving them the right things so that they can be productive.

Teria Quinn stated that the Brunch brings out great things with Sisterhood. She stated that she has natural sisters and spiritual sisters and both of them are connections that are important to her. The network allows her to spend time with others around the city and the ministry. They build each other and spend time together. She is the coordinator of the Women of Worship Dance ministry at the Worship Center. In fact the guest Dancer, Jessica Dillard, was from New York and danced to the song, You Have Won Again. She displayed an excellent rendition of a Praise Dance that brought the crowd to their feet.

The first Unsung Hero presented was Sis. Gloria Graham. The presenter identified many trials that she had encountered down through the years. To name a few:

In 2001 she was diagnosed with cancer and the Lord brought her out.

In 2002 she lost her oldest brother; in 2012 she lost another brother; in 2013 lost her mother, 2014 niece died in a car accident, and later the same year her daughter was killed in a motorcycle accident. One of the reasons that she was chosen was because she persevered through all of the mishaps in her life and never stopped attending church.

The other Unsung Hero was Bishop M. C. McGhee. He was honored for his commitment to the community, family, and church . He organized Serenity Church in 1996 and continues to Pastor it today. He has founded several businesses, The Serenity Soul Food Restaurant, Snow Plow Company, Serenity Fellowship, Making A Difference Day Care and so many more. He was honored for his consistent faithfulness to bless others. He dresses for success and is acknowledged by the community for his dedication to make people better. Bishop McGhee thanked Bishop McKinstry for the honor and stated that he never expected such to happen.

Simply Divine, a local fashion boutique, with Terry Cook, Owner, provided a stunning Fashion Show of a taste of style by local models. The Vintage Store Collection, a gentleman line with owner Craig, showcased pieces-from t shirts to dinner jackets, modeled by male stylists who left daring impressions with the crowd.

The big Giveaway for the day was a 32 inch television, which was won by a child, Christen; this definitely brought alarming results. The Brunch seemingly ended with a bang and culminated in prayer from Bishop Patricia McKinstry who encouraged the attendees to get to know someone in the audience and reach out to them. The Sisterhood Brunch seemingly was an exciting way to spend a Saturday as echoed by the attendees. Hats off to Bishop Patricia and Overseer Luther McKinstry and the Sisters of The Worship Center for a job well done! Once again, congratulations to Sis. Gloria Graham and Bishop M. C. McGhee. We salute you!

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