Ready or Not, Here I Come!

As a child most kids played the game”hide and seek”. If you were”it”, you had to close your eyes while others hid and count out loud,”1,2,3...ready or not here I come”.

Well, now that 2017 is here, whether you were ready or not its here! 2017 brings a lot with it that is for lack of a better word”unprecedented”. Many things that haven’t happened, weren’t expected to happen have and will happen in 2017. Many could not have expected the changes, moves and shakeups that are taking place politically, but its here. Financially, getting receipts for taxes, adding, deleting from wills, deciding where to allocate funds and other financial decisions, its here.

Spiritually, where am i going to plant myself, my family to worship, study and learn, while online church is comfortable and convenient at times, don’t” forsake the assembly” for there is a benefit and blessing in rubbing shoulders with other worshipers on a regular basis. With all the shifts, adjustments and changes that a new year brings may I suggest that anyone can make resolutions, but it takes a committed heart, soul and mind to RESOLVE!

May I suggest that you RESOLVE these things:

• No matter what comes I resolve to make an impact not just an impression!

• No matter what comes I resolve that God is great!

• No matter what comes I AM HIS!

• No matter what comes I resolve that GOD will see me through!

• No matter what comes I resolve to never forget what God has done for me!

Beloved, great things will happen to and for you in this year, anticipate them, expect them and prepare for them so WHEN they come you are ready, not getting ready, already ready! Ready?

Command, seize and win 2017, its here!

By Overseer Talmadge Thomas

City of Zion Church

Toledo, Oh.

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