And When The Righteous Pray, People Rejoice!

Friday night is a pivotal night for many who ends the work week and others who start the weekend. However, if you have a desire to start your weekend off with a strong, enriched, and fulfilled heartfelt opportunity to welcome in a spirit of praise and prayer, the invitation to PRAY will always welcome you. And so it was this Friday night in Central City Toledo that James 5:16 echoed the sentiments of what a Prayer Revival is all about. The scripture reads that the “ EFFECTUAL FERVENT PRAYERS OF THE RIGHTEOUS AVAILETH MUCH”, and much seemingly availed itself.

On Friday evening, the Family of Faith Church at 646 City Park, was filled with the remnants of worship that led the Believers in the house to go to the throne of God in Prayer and dedication, to get all that they desired from the Lord. Pastor Robert Cunningham, shared his pulpit with the one Pastor Terrance Moore from Straight From The Throne Deliverance Ministry, Detroit, Mi. who stated that his presence was to make a difference in the lives of those attending by inviting them to seek and receive all that they needed from the Lord through the spirit of prayer in the services throughout the weekend. The services took place at Family of Faith through Sunday morning.

Pastor Cunningham stated that he felt the need to conduct the Prayer Revival due to the need that the city, state, and nation have for lives and souls to be saved and delivered from the vices and evils in the world. He further felt the need to bring this Prayer Revival to the city as an introduction to the National Day of Prayer, one at which he is passionate about. He stated that he had not been conducting this National Day of Prayer locally for awhile but felt led to resume it because the need is so great for Leaders in the city to come together in one place to pray for the city.

It was apparent that the attendees were in expectation, as the spirit of prayer enveloped the House of God and made way for intercession, worship, as well as afforded Pastor Moore the opportunity to minister individually to each as he was led by the spirit. The presence of the Lord was in the house of God and we celebrate you Pastor Cunningham for being led by the spirit to bless the people of God!

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