Not many people have the luxury of selecting multiple career paths as they matriculate on their journey to becoming. Generally, disruptions and interruptions find their way somewhere in the trail of progress. But there is one person who has carved a niche that seemingly has gone just how he wanted it to go. And that person is the one and only, Rev. Dr. T. K. Barger, also affectionately known to many in the religion world, as Brother T. K. From all indications, he is one person who has served where he chose to serve, when he chose to do it, and how he wanted to do it. Of course his humble spirit would never acknowledge this. However, he has been a true servant to his mission and commission.

Rev. Barger, came to be known by many in the community, as the one who showed up in the room quieted by his unobtrusive spirit that always showed a willingness to wait, with the intention to relate to whatever was going on at the moment. You see Rev. Barger was a Religion Editor at The Blade from 2012 - 2017. Not many knew that he was the Editor, featured Writer, and weekly commentary columnist who specialized in reporting Religious News until he actually told you when asked or when others acknowledge him. His demeanor was always preceded by his gentle, gentlemanly mannerisms that welcomed one into a conversation without suspicion.

Dr. T. K. has a wealthy background that has taken him from his birthplace of Edwards Air Force Base in California, to Newfoundland, Canada, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, New York, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and finally, Toledo, Ohio. He prides himself on the repertoire of scholarly activity where he has written on subject matters such as, Humanism, Buddhism, and the Bodhisattva Ideal in Religious Humanism in the Fall 2009, The Journal of Liberal Religion 9, Summer 2009, An Expanded Humanism in Ada, Ohio in April, 2014, and more. In 2016 he contributed to the book “People’s Stories”, Essay in Humanist Voices in Unitarian Universalism, Boston: Skinner House Books. His journalism ability is far reaching. It has positioned him to receive notoriety in magazines, handbooks, newsletters, TV Guide, online publications, and newspapers across the country. His commitment to magnify the art of writing has created a reputation that launches him into the forefront of Editorial work. As Religion Editor for the Blade, his track record was impeccable, as he was able to unashamedly bring realism to stories that he covered locally and throughout the region. His success is unlimited.

Educationally, this great MOG has risen to the level of being a true academician. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities from Hendrix College, Conway, Ark; Bachelor of Journalism and the Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Texas at Austin; Master of Divinity in Ministry from the Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Mass Communication from Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y.

When looking at the accomplishments and list of honors that this MOG has achieved, it is no doubt that he has been able to succeed in every area where he offered his unblemished services. BUT HE SAID YES! Yes to his newly accepted position as PASTOR of the FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF TOLEDO. He has been with the church since 2013 and served in the role as Community Minister, at which time he was also ordained. In speaking with Pastor Barger, he reported that this time of engagement in and out of the church afforded him the opportunity to gain valuable experience that will help him to be the best that he intends to be on his post.

He further states that while he gained valuable experience, he credits the role as helping him to be prepared for it as he delivered and led services, provided pastoral care, taught religious education, implemented greater web and social media presence, represented the congregation in community affairs, advised the Chief of Staff and assumed other responsibilities as needed. Dr. Barger is ready and set to go in his new role as the Pastor of First Unitarian Church; He will assume his role on February 5, 2017. Pastor Barger is married to his lovely wife, Jewel.

We celebrate you Pastor Barger and certainly look forward to you doing the work of God in an exemplary manner. We are godly proud that after much prayer, visitations by other guest speakers, committee meetings, and evaluations of “the best fit”, the church offered and YOU SAID YES! God bless you.

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