New Year, New You!

The year has started with many new twist and turns just a few days in. Everywhere you turn the theme of”new” is being touted, from noses to bodies to cars and on and on. New Years resolutions and declarations are in full swing as 2017 moves ahead. As everyone adjust to the nuances of what the year may bring, one of the biggest questions to answer is”what will the year hold for me”? Its very important that you decide to be the best YOU that you can and don’t try to be anything or anyone else.

What happens when you mimic someone else or try to be someone you’re not? You don’t give God anything to work with! You are a designers original and you don’t have to be anybody, but who God made you. When you try to be someone you’re not, who you’re trying to be isn’t there, you’re not there because you’re trying to be someone else. Be the best YOU that you can, everyday that you can. Don’t worry about what hasn’t happened or what has happened, focus all of your energy on the day you have, that’s why its called”the present”. Life isn’t a 100 meter dash, but a journey and the speed limit for life is one day at a time. Life is filled with twist, winding paths filled with many unknowns and the only way to navigate life’s roads is through God’s power and grace.

No matter how tedious, tough and tragic things may be or have been know that”what is impossible with man is possible with God”. Let me leave you with some practical, powerful and poignant principles to make the new year new for you:

1. Start where you are: A thousand mile journey starts with one step. Remember, you’re not running against anyone else because it’s YOUR journey.

2. Proceed slow: Don’t move too fast or you will crash and burn.

3. Aim high: Challenge yourself, don’t set the bar too low. As a freshman at Morehouse College all the students were reminded of the crown placed above our heads. The challenge for each student was to grow tall enough to wear it. Aim high and believe that you will achieve your goals.

4. Be gracious and grateful: No matter how great you are, good at what you do, everyone needs and has needed someone to help them at some point and time. Don’t try to go it alone! The trail that has been blazed before you has been blazed for you! When you need help, ask for it graciously. Don’t expect help to be offered, ask for it. There are plenty of people who have been strategically placed in your path to help guide you to the”new you”you want and need to be, but they wont necessarily bogart their way into your life. A wise man recently shared this with me”an offered opinion is not valued, while a requested opinion has more weight”!

Command, seize and win your day!

Overseer Talmadge Thomas

City of Zion/Mt. Zion Baptiat Church

Toledo, Oh.

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