“RECALIBRATE” 2017 Intercessory Prayer Conference :THE RESETTING BY THE SAINTS

Wednesday, January 25th, was a solemn yet joyful day for those who were embarking upon a trip to Norfolk, Va. to give God praise through fervently praying for a revival in America. While the one and only Bishop William Murphy Jr. Pastor, of the New Mt. Moriah Church in Pontiac, Mi. motorcaded to Virginia, hundreds were also on their way to meet him in the spirit of Prayer. The intercession of prayer in this Conference, wrapped around the Marriott Waterside Hotel that seemingly warmed the hearts of anyone who entered the doors during the three days of uniting on one accord, praying in the spirit, and worshipping God.

In an interview with Bishop Murphy, he spoke on how the Lord gave him the theme for this year’s conference, RECALIBRATE. He focused on the need for the saints in this hour of being challenged, to get in a place where the will of God for their lives takes them to get in position for a retooling, a resetting, and recalibrating to get what is needed to be all that God has called them to be. He stated that a coming together by the saints is necessary to be able to move forward, getting to the level at which God is calling them. He believes that this Prayer Conference served as a great introduction for some to set their minds on the things above, so that they will be able to fight the good fight of faith. The people of God must be as warriors he said, who are destined for greatness and are willing to move beyond their comfort zone to get where they are being called to go.

As the corridors of the Marriott were filled with the people of God, each entered with an obvious sphere of expectation with glorious praise and as hands were raised in excitement. As the doors opened, the saints were met with praise and worship that set the atmosphere to receive from God.

The Conference began with the setting of the stage by the Founder and Host, Bishop William Murphy, Jr. He spoke from the Theme RECALIBRATE sending in the atmosphere a determined and made up mind by the people of God to be set FREE from their past, their failures, their hurts, their brokenness, their frailties, their mistakes, and their defeats. He challenged the people of God to push through their past and prepare to get the full effect of what RECALIBRATE truly means for them. He stated that when the Lord spoke to him he said that the people of God had to get rid of all of their baggage so they could fulfill their lives and their destiny. This meeting was about the realignment and refocus for the people , as well as a divine appointment for connections with God’s people. Getting in the right place to make the right connection, ultimately strengthens relationships that the Lord positions us for. Bishop Murphy is sure of the role that Intercessory prayer has in the lives of God’s people. That is why this Conference is so important to him and the people who attend annually.

Elder Stacey English, from Bishop Murphy’s church in Pontiac, Mi., stated that she attends every year and looks forward to the people of God coming together. She believes that the theme RECALIBRATE, has a lot of meaning in helping those in attendance understand the importance of reestablishing themselves with new focus in an effort to get all that they need through prayer. She stated that the numbers continue to grow annually, in fact the registration doubled, which indicates that the conference meets its goal. She stated that the hundreds of people who attend from across the country, the Virgin Island and the Bahamas, look forward to coming, anticipating a great move of God. Elder English encourages those who have not attended yet, to start preparing for the next conference in January, 2018, as it will return to Norfolk, Va.

Many notable evening speakers were on hand to set the stage for true RECALIBRATION to take place. They included Bishop William Murphy, Jr. host, Bishop William Murphy lll, of the dReam Center Church, Atlanta, Ga., Pastor Miah White, of West End Mt. Carmel Full Gospel Baptist Church, St. Louis, Mo. and Bishop Dr. Todd Hall, the “ Praiseologist” and Chief Apostle and Prelate of The Shabach Church in Apopka, Fl. who closed out the conference.

Prophet Anthony Shannon of The Victory Church International , Westland, Mi. stated that he was present due to an on purpose relationship that was destined by God, which emanated from meeting and connecting with Bishop Murphy. It started with prayer, which has evolved into an Intercessory Prayer Conference. He said that it started by them walking around the building declaring that God was going to do just what he had promised, and he did. Today is the evidence of that.

We celebrate Bishop William Murphy, Jr. for a great gathering of the people of God in his 2017 Intercessory Prayer Conference. May God continue to keep his hands upon you and the work of your hands!

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