A Government of The Rich, By The Rich, And For The Rich!

“The basis of our government political system is the right of the people to make and to alter their constitution of government.” --George Washington

America is, and always has been, a government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich. In fact, history suggests that the electoral college was set up to insure that a few rich white men maintain control of the government that benefits them. That is why the loser could get almost 3 million more popular votes than the winner.

Let us be clear. Under the electoral college system, Americans may have voted in the 2016 election, it was not decided by all eligible voters in America. The election was decided long before the 9,700.000 California voters cast their 54 electoral votes. Therefore, their votes did not matter.

A survey of Georgia voters (January 27-28, 2015) concluded that 74 % of Georgians would support the idea that the President of the United States should receive the most popular votes. In other words, the President of the United States would be determined by popular vote, not the electoral college.

Since the electoral college is imbedded in the Constitution, it would take a Constitutional amendment to change it, and that would require ratification from at least 3/4 of the states.

Unfortunately, those of us who advocate changing it, are not among the rich and powerful. And the rich and powerful want it to remain as it is so that they can continue to control us, by controlling the government.

Although the original framers of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence intended that the poorest among us could become president of all of us, over time, like so many other things, this too has changed. Those who run for office, either for Senate, Congress, or the Presidency, have to be wealthy or have wealthy backers.

Not only is our present president a billionaire, but with few exceptions, every member of his cabinet is a billionaire or millionaire.

I find it interesting that Americans who are great have served themselves and their families well, and we call them great. However, the men and women of the world who have done good, always did for others. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Caesar Chavez, Mother Teresa, Susan B. Anthony, and Jesus of Nazareth all went about doing good, and the world is a better place because of them.

At the Black Museum, housed in the complex of Serenity Church, students who pass through are always impressed by the room that has been set aside for rappers. The students, while they can tell you nothing about the men and women who went about doing good, they can tell you all about the rappers.

Historically, politicians have never changed anything, neither has the rich and powerful. It has always been others who have pushed the politicians to change, whether the subject was civil rights, women rights, or LGBT rights. It was the men and women who went about doing good, who changed this country. They had no money, but they had moral power, which is always more powerful than money.

Minister Floyd Rose

Serenity Church

1619 North Lee Street

Valdosta, Georgia 31602


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