An Office for A Chaplain At The White House: What Say Ye Mr. President?

On Monday, January 23, 2017, the staff at IFG had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Wiley Drake who prepared the statements in this article regarding the request for a position in the White Office for a Chaplain. In an effort to gather information about this request, Dr. Wiley, who is also a Pastor in Orange County California, stated that he feels very strong about the need since there is a presence of the office already in both Houses of Congress and Representatives.

Dr. Drake believes that America is at the point of needing to get back to ONE NATION UNDER GOD, which is the motto for moving forward in this nation, praying for a return for where it was and continues to have a need for. Dr. Drake travels back and forth to the White House regularly and prays for the needs of each who is a part of it. He is also a talk show host who airs daily. He can be reached at the phone number at the bottom of this article and can be viewed daily on The Wiley Drake Show.

He is the Chairman of the Congressional Prayer Conference of Washington, D. C. And as a Man of God, Dr. Drakes states that he is adamant about the mission and vision of the Prayer Conference. Becuase he is committed to his beliefs with a prophetic vision, he wants to see America come back to “One Nation Under God”.

His leadership skills have been noted by constituents for a long time. His role in the political arenas has positioned him to be in pivotal spots for quite some time. In 2006, Dr. Drake served as the second Vice President for the Southern Baptist Convention with a membership of 15 million strong. And in 2008, he was the Vice Presidential Candidate for the Alan Keyes Presidential Campaign. He went on in 2012 to be a candidate for the Presidential Election. Today he continues to promote the mission of the Congressional Prayer Conference.

The goal is to pray daily for all branches of the government of the United States of America. The Prayer Conference has a telephhonic Prayer line that prays everyday of the year for the President and for each of the States in America by names, including the 100 Senators by their first and last names. They attempt to have someone from each state be on the line to mention their Senators. Each month the Conference takes different groups to Capital Hill to pray for the nation and its leaders.

The following is submitted by Wiley Drake:

• January 23, 2017 we will begin our efforts to ask our New President to Establish an office of Chaplain of the White House.

• We have an office for Chaplain of The U.S. Senate, and for the House of Representatives.

• We now need an Office of Chaplain for The White House.

• We are asking Mr. Trump to set this office up to help us seek Jesus in all that we do.

• We are in a new day and we need God’s help to guide us as we pray America back to one nation under God.

Join Chairman Dr. Wiley S. Drake 1-714-865-8132, and Co-Chairman Dr. Clyde Rivers 1-760-964-0234 in this effort.

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