Listening for God’s Voice and Hearing It

People who suffer from insomnia often see, hear, and learn things that others are unaware of because stillness allows you to have visions, hear God’s voice, and discover true knowledge. A few weeks before the election, I was awake all night and the TV was on at 5:30am. So I started watching the Jim Bakker show. He said something that shocked me so much, I thought I’d misunderstood him. He said Donald Trump is the Messiah. Then in deference to his guest who corrected him, he added or the forerunner “who will come and fight for us.” I had to go to bed after that and lay there unable to sleep, hoping God would speak and tell me if what Jim Bakker said was true. I didn’t believe it was, but as a Christian I know that God can use anyone.

I never heard from God that day or a couple of weeks later on Election Day, November 8th or on December 19th when the Electoral College met. But I did hear from God on January 20th when Trump was sworn in and I sat still listening. My answer came when millions of women around the world gathered in Washington D.C. and many cities across America, including Toledo, in Western countries, Middle Eastern countries, and so many other places marched for freedom and justice. My answer came when I found out people are crossing party lines to preserve ACA (Obamacare), Medicare, and Social Security.

I got my answer when I saw Senators grilling nominees selected by our new President, exposing agendas and/or their lack of qualification for positions in the cabinet. I saw my answer in the peaceful protests in Washington January 20th and in those who refused to respond to violence. I heard God’s voice in the words of a teenager who spoke before the Detroit school board explaining how Michigan schools have failed because of an all-out assault against public schools xdue in large part due to the influence of the nominee for Secretary of Education.

I hear it in the voices of First Nations tribes that are fighting for their sacred lands. I hear God speaking through people who are saying the things that need to be said and doing what needs to be done to save our country from greed and manipulation. So, whether Donald Trump is the Messiah or the anti-Christ or just a man who has been given the most difficult and prestigious job in the world who will be held to the fire by the American people, the Constitution, and God Almighty, God is speaking. Are you listening?

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