Little Princess Kyndall: Touched By an Angel

By Interfaith Gazette Staff

It seemed to have been a life that was destined and earmarked to touch others because she had been touched. Little Kyndall Alise Hatcher, born March 29, 2009, was a ray of sunshine when she graced this earth. It was evident in every breath that Kyndall took that she had purpose written all in and over her life. She was determined to make the life of others happier.

Early in Kyndall’s life she learned how to bring a smile to others faces even though it was evident that she did not always feel up to smiling herself. Little Kyndall continued to make new discoveries about herself and knew that she had what was needed to make progress even if they had to be small steps. It was in her formative years that she knew that she was built tough and was excited about going to school meeting new people, learning new things, and sharing with her parents what she experienced daily at school. Princess Kyndall, who earned the name early because she shaped her life making great deposits, as well as having the kind of personality that left you better off after you had met her, was born a jewel destined for royalty.

Kyndall’s seven years on earth gave a different meaning to “challenges”. She would not quit. Everyday brought another opportunity for Kyndall to prove just how tough and pliable she was. She exemplified DETERMINATION AT ITS FINEST! She wanted to do things by herself, and she did. But no one could surpass the forever smile that radiated Kyndall’s personality. Her persona said to those who met her, that she was a child who loved God, loved people, and loved living. She was a talented child. She was extremely blessed to be able to sing, dance, and perform but nothing matched her love for praising God. Her kind and passionate mannerisms brought a great level of comfort and assurance to those who came in contact with her.

The professionals who cared for Kyndall throughout her life were so impressed by her abilities, that they were a part of her home going services. They came to share with those in attendance who Kyndall Alice Hatcher really was. Her Physician, Dr. Gilmer, spoke about the kindness, caring, witty child that Kyndall was. She shared that she was so impressed with her that she knew that she had impacted many lives during her little short life on earth. Representatives from her schools, Keith Bovenschen School for the physically challenged and Carlson Elementary School, were present to speak about how special Kyndall was to them.

Hundreds came to the Third New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, 12850 Plymouth Rd., Detroit, Mi. on Saturday today goodbye to Kyndall. The services were officiated by Rev. J. D. White and the Pastor is Rev. E. L. Branch. She left this earth on January 28, 2017. We believe that Kyndall’s life was filled to the brim in seven years with a life that signified COMPLETION, as indicated in the eulogy that was delivered by her father, Bishop Jeffrey A. Hatcher. She had a very close family whose love for her is innumerable. She left behind a loving, devoted mother Lady Yolanda Franks, special aunt (teetee momma) Lovie Wilson, sisters, brothers, grandmothers, grandfather, God parents, and an extremely large number of relatives, church families, and friends.

Kyndall’s testimony I believe was this. “When my mouth shall be filled with dust, I have one word for the Lord’s people that desire to serve him with an upright heart, let them not think hardly of any of the good ways of God for all of this, for I have been for nearly 8 years a person with some suffering and challenges, but now I have found the way of God to be a perfect way. And though we may suffer a hard thing, yet he has a gracious end and will make a good end for his glory. Therefore, be cheerful in the Lord your God, hold fast that which you have and be not afraid of suffering, for God will make hard and bitter things sweet and easy to all that trust in him. My love for all of you is eternal”! A life lived and a child saved. We love you Kyndall!

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