Massive Praise Ministries Host A Revival For ENDURANCE!

By Interfaith Gazette Staff

On Friday thru Sunday at 1232 FLaire Dr. the saints were gathered for the purpose of being revived to ENDURE. As the House filled with those who had come for a refilling, a refreshing, and to be restored, the atmosphere became with a charge that filled the room from the floor to the ceiling. Dr. Nadine Larde, Pastor, gathered the saints together to enhance their ENDURANCE for these times of transition.

Friday night, Prophetess Johnna Clark Twiggs from Detroit, Mi. took the people of God to the throne of God with her foundational scripture taken from 2 Chronicles 20, admonishing the saints to remember what God says in his word: THE BATTLE IS NOT YOURS, ITS THE LORD’S! She encouraged each to understand what time that the church is in but even more than that to get in position so that they will win no matter what and by any means necessary. She invited them to realize the power that they have but are not using it. To understand the purpose of titles, she welcomed them to realize that there are demons assigned to each title that the Body of Christ has been gifted with.

On Saturday evening, Bishop Gerard Norwood from Lexington, Ky. took the people of God higher in understanding their purpose for being called by God. He ministered to the saints with a “hear ye and now” word. In his exposition of what God is speaking in this hour in the houses of God, he encourages the people of God to realize that they have a place in God where the enemy cannot get to if they are determined to do it God’s way.

The saints responded emphatically in a great manner with the reception of the word. Many stated that the word from both Prophetess Twiggs and Bishop Norwood were timely, purposeful, and meaningful to their present situations. A great big thank you to Dr. Larde for realizing that the people of God are definitely in need of ENDURANCE! A job well done. We speak blessings upon you!

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