Bishop M. C. McGhee:Twenty one Years and Still Pushing Forward

Sunday evening was fun filled with praises that rang north, south, east, west, and central points of Toledo. However, in the Central part of the city on Woodstock Avenue, Serenity Church, host Bishop M. C. McGhee, celebrated 21 glorious years of ministry and pastoring happy people.

BIshop McGhee has a history of wearing a kind, compassionate, and caring hat when it comes to the people in the neighborhood. He has been an asset to the community through his avid devotion to assist those who have faced unfavorable life circumstances, i.e. those who may have encountered drugs, prostitution, homelessness, unemployment, and other social ills that interfered with normal lifestyles. His ministry is a true representation of God’s love for people.

On this evening, Bishop McGhee and the Serenity Church family featured a hometown favorite, Bishop Rance Allen and the congregation of New Bethel Bountiful Blessing C. O. G. I. C. who shared in the celebration of the twenty one years for Serenity. Because of the love for music that both Bishops share, musical tributes rang out throughout the evening. The Serenity Band continued to provide a repertoire of selections that brought goers to their feet often during the service. Bishop Allen had the blessing of delivering the sermon for the evening. Many stated that they were truly encouraged and inspired from the word, and left with a desire to hold on.

Bishop McGhee and the family at Serenity shared an intense desire to keep on keeping on, stating that they are poised for another 21 years and certainly were ready to continue the journey that has been set before them, working the vision that God has given them and expanding on what is now working for the Lord and the people who embrace the blessings.

We salute you Bishop M. C. McGhee, First Lady Erma McGhee, and the family of Serenity Church. A job well done for the work that God has given you to do. God’s blessings be upon you!

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