Effective Nursing In Ministry Training a Huge Success!

Saturday is a busy day for the busy life of many who find themselves taking care of business on a day when the pace is or at least is suppose to be a bit more relaxed. Yet on Saturday, February 18, some people found their way to 1232 Flaire Dr. to sit and indulge in an Effective Nursing in Ministry Training that focused on providing excellent care, first aid, and other necessary services, designed to enhance the well being of those who might be in need of special care and attention while attending church services.

Sis. Barbara Young, who served as the Nursing Coordinator at Bethesda Christian Center for several years, provided the training to onlookers who came to learn, as well as earn a spot in their churches to provide care to parishioners, while realizing that an important part of the role in the Nursing Ministry is to showcase the pure whites message that symbolizes “the purity and sincerity while serving”. Pure whites have long been symbolic of what individuals are encouraged to wear while serving on the floor that distinguishes who and what their role is. They were encouraged to realize the significance of representing the ministry, the pastor, and the finesse that brings a uniqueness to the care that this service delivers to its congregants.

Some of the areas that were presented by the Trainer focused on was: HOW TO HELP AND LOVE IT, WHO IS ABLE TO SERVE, WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM WHAT I DO, THE ELEMENTS OF SERVING, THREE ESSENTIALS OF A NURSING MINISTRY, and much, much, more.

Those in attendance indicated that it was a well spent day and much needed information was provided that will ensure proper procedures and aids are utilized when needed, as they serve in their respective ministries and churches. They reported that the importance of setting a standard when serving was definitely a great take away. Improvements and applications of even simple elements when serving are so vital if your goal is “to do it right the first time”.

This training is provided for ministries who want to begin, improve, and or upgrade the practices that lay servants implement in helping congregants to have a meaningful and rewarding experience when attending a church service when basic aids are requested by attendees. This training was by no means designed to replace First Aid, CPR, or other certifications needed by one who is certified to provide care to an individual in distress. If a ministry is in need of improving their Nursing Ministry and want to enhance the procedures in doing so, please feel free to call 419.255.7555 for more information. A group of 5 in attendance at minimum is required for the training to be hosted by a ministry or church.

A job well done by Sis. Barbara Young and certainly those in attendance. Thank you and God bless you!

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