We Are All Immigrants

Except for the Native Indians, we all came from somewhere else. Some of us willed to come here, and others of us were brought here against our will. So, none of us have the right to boast about being here, or say who should, or should not, be here.

I find it interesting that as long as people were coming through Ellis Island from white European countries, nothing was said. It was only after black and brown people started coming here in large numbers from the South and Southwest, did we hear loud objections. We cannot but notice that most of the ones who came here through Ellis Island, were white, and came from countries that were predominately white.

Between 1892 and 1954 12 million immigrants passed through the portals of Ellis Island. Because most of them came from mostly white countries, nothing was said about them being illegal immigrants, and very few questions were asked about their status in the countries from which they came. However, all of the countries, except Mexico, the immigrants are coming from predominantly Muslim countries.

As far as the government’s new guidelines for immigrants are concerned, driving without a license, driving without seat belts fastened, driving a few miles over the speed limit, or changing lanes without properly signaling, can be reasons for deportation, or the suspicion of breaking such laws, can be reasons for deportation of Mexicans or Muslims, when the rest of us would be simply be given a tickets and told to appear in Municipal Court.

The current critics of those who have come here from Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras, and parts south, who pick our tomatoes, pickles, cantaloupes, apples, oranges, grapes, and work in other fields, would never do the work they criticize others for coming here to do. NEVER.

Let us be honest. If the government really wanted to stop “Illegal immigration,” they would arrest, detain, fine, or jail the men who own the companies that hire the “illegal immigrants,” which they will never do because the employers are white, and other whites would never stand for it.

Floyd Rose

Senior Servant

Serenity Church

1619 North Lee Street

Valdosta, Georgia 31602


(229) 444-1938

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