Hope Outreach Ministry and Empowerment: A Vision That Came To Pass!

The Word of Faith Ministries and the Hope Outreach Ministry and Empowerment, with Pastor Terri Sutton as Founder of the Program, is embarking upon a great vision for the North Toledo community.

On Saturday evening, many family, friends, cohorts, and potential recipients of the programs, turned out for the 2nd Annual Sow and Reap Benefit that took place at the newly, renovated Word of Faith Ministries on Stickney Avenue. Pastor Sutton stated that the goal of the event was to be able to raise funds for the purpose of helping young people be able to participate in wholesome, family oriented activities. She believes the renovated facility, phase one, will provide a safe facility where they can come and engage in after school program, games, talk, tutoring, have fun things to do, as well as to bring back the movie theater idea . She wants to relive the times when there was a theater there back in 1917, called her The Old Allen Theater.

This annual benefit event in March allows them to raise funds for the renovation that was needed in the building, which had roofing problems. Hope Outreach Ministry and Empowerment, aka H. O. M. E. was able to acquire a grant in an effort to complete the improvements that were needed. The blessing came through The Foundation of Great Lakes Conference Churches of God, Findlay, Oh. The building has been upgraded which now allows them to provide programs and services consistently.

This event took place at another facility last year but the event is being held at the Ministries building this time, as the completion of phase 1 has been completed. Pastor Terri states that the community will be able to begin to engage in activities immediately . She believes that one of the more popular activities will be the movies, as she believes will be attended by adults as well.

As a way to give back, the Word of Faith Ministries is committed to enhancing the quality of life for families in the North Toledo area. She is committed to providing a wholistic approach to programs and services. She recently completed a class that allows her to adequately and appropriately help youth and families to cope with depression, addictions, and old wounds. She is also presently attending a Family to Family class focusing on suicide and the death of family members. Even though she states that she doesn't have a psychology degree, these classes will give her an edge in being able to help families get through barriers and issues that they might face. She credits The Healing Care Group who provided the classes.

In an effort to continue to be meaningful in all areas, being the Salon Owner and Operator that she is, her extended goal is to revisit the 16 year old vision that she had for a children's Salon. She states that she is definitely on her way in making this a reality in the birthing of Kid's Image Outreach Hair Salon.

Hats off to the Hope Outreach Ministry and Empowerment program, whose motto is "WHAT HAPPENS AFTER SUNDAY", for a job well done. Word of Faith Ministries is pastored by Bishop Kevin and Terri Sutton. It is located at 2911 Stickney Avenue. To God be the glory for the work of their hands and may God continue to bless them! We congratulate you!

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