IBF Lightweight Hometown Boxing Champion Robert Easter, Jr. Meets With Toledo Youth

Courtesy of WNWO, Toledo, OH

Toledo area children got to meet their hometown hero. Boxing World Champion Robert Easter Jr., who recently won the IBF lightweight title in Toledo, met with children at One Government Center.

Children with the City Park League community group were excited to meet their idol and participate in what the group called a "Champion Chat." "E-Bunny!" they screamed.

Easter came back to the Glass City Wednesday night to speak to the Toledo youth. "He is a very, very, very friendly, engaging individual,” says Montrice Terry, with the City Park League. “And that's what he exemplifies; bringing young men and young women together to support each other."

Last month when Easter had his big fight at the Huntington Center, nearly 100 children ages 7-14 got to attend for free. Now, they got a chance to meet him face-to-face and read letters they wrote to him aloud.

"I won't forget that E-Bunny is our champion,” says Charlize Brown. “He holds the key to the city."

"This is a big opportunity for me because like no one children and our age kids get to see somebody famous,” says Samaria Coleman. “I'm just blessed to be here."

"A lot of athletes don't come to their hometown to support or anything, but he does,” says Carlton Mathise Jr. “He's the IBF champion and he still recognizes his hometown."

"It just let me know I'm doing my job and I still got more to do,” says Easter. “For these kids to follow me, I got to stay on the right track and lead the example."

Parents say having their child see someone succeed and achieve their goals, who grew up where they did, will have a lasting effect on their life.

"It made me feel good knowing that my son has somebody that he can look up to because you know a lot of kids don't have fathers so they don't have anyone that they can look up to,” says Nakkiea Brown. “It motivates him to be better and want to do better."



If you would like to learn more about the City Park League, here is a link: https://www.facebook.com/CityParkLeague/

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