JAMES, A Local Self-Proclaimed Servant of Jesus

Many have seen this man walking throughout the neighborhoods in Toledo. some have wondered who he was and others have just watched him walk BAREFOOT. While it is certainly admirable to get to know your neighbor, some have just thought about what he might be thinking as he walks daily to and fro with seemingly no chosen destination. He, as his given name is James, has been known to stop and conversate with some who just out of curiosity, wanted to get to know what was on his mind. In the comments below, you will see just how James responded and what is on his mind.

B. I.. ...says, yes I stopped and talked with him on Sylvania Ave.

F. D.. ...said that I saw him today talking to some people

H. C... .said that my daughter said that she stopped and talked with him yesterday, he's really nice

E. J. ....I just happened to see him on airport today so I gave him a ride to the chapel on Door across from T. U. He's a nice guy, we had a good conversation about prayer and the Holy Spirit

S. C. ....I too had the delightful experience to be in his presence and as you did, I asked him if I could give him a ride and I took him to the Church off Sylvania Ave. near Tremainsville area. It was a very interesting ride. Be fore he got out I ask if he mind if we had a wordof prayer and we did. Very humble. Thanks for sharing your experience

G. D......Amen, but cmon MANNNNNNN! No shoes? U should of got him a pair of sandals and told em Jesus sent me to give u these

H. J......Who exactly is he? Is he local to Toledo or is he traveling around the country?

C. P......Yes Bro. He's a Toledo native. He left here back in 1980 and has traveled all over the world spreading the gospel and inspiring people from all walks of life. He just recently returned back home to Toledo to take care of his 81 yr. old dad. Very nice guy. I must say that I was inspired by him today

....He inspired me also. I had to find out why he does what he does barefoot...all I can say is God touches us in different ways and even when ppl doubt, mock or question our mission. God is our guide and when we get out of our own way and let God, his will is done, butGod

Many comments have gone on and on about James. He certainly appears to have the mind of Christ, as he stops and talks to people along the way in conversations. As you can see above, it appears that his focus is on Jesus and spreading the mission of Christ. We pray God's protection over his life as he goes to and fro!

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