Erving 'Magic' Johnson and West Angeles Church of God in Christ's Announcement of Free A

LOS ANGELES -- On Saturday, March 18, 2017, Bishop Charles Blake and West Angeles Church of God in Christ hosted a men's-only empowerment event to announce its partnership with NBA legend and business tycoon, Erving "Magic Johnson" to offer free advancement services to men in the Los Angeles community.

The event dubbed, "Super Saturday" saw over 500 men pack into West Angeles Church of God in Christ's North Campus in Los Angeles, California, to learn of the services being offered in the new initiative. Bishop Blake said, "Super Saturday was birthed out of a deep concern about lack of opportunities available to men in our inner-cities. We suffer from poor academic achievement, financial disenfranchisement, high unemployment, soaring crime levels, and the breakdown of the family unit that plagues our cities, urban and rural communities." Keynote speakers were: Magic Johnson, Bishop Charles Blake and Actor, Romell Witherspoon.

Johnson shared a very personal testimony reflecting on his humble beginnings, life trials and business setbacks. He expressed his desire to offer opportunities, specifically to men from the inner-city, to advance in business. The men were glued to a passionate and animated Johnson as he moved them to applause and cheers.

Blake, the senior pastor of the 25,000 member West Angeles Church of God in Christ (COGIC) and Presiding Bishop of Church of God in Christ International with over 7 million members worldwide, spoke to the men about the importance of an upright character, temperance, motivation and determination. He shared how the use of the services offered could change the course of their lives.

The event proved to be a call for action for men be to exemplary fathers, husbands, community leaders and role models. Many men spoke of their struggles in advancing their lives' plans and frustrations with the inequality of opportunities. The attendees participated in a question and answer period. Many questions sought advice for success, and others desired further clarification of the 5 Point Advancement Program.

The 5 Point Advancement Program includes:

• Education (Access, Excellence and Equity)

• Economic Development (Job Training and Job Creation)

• Crime Prevention (Reduction, Prevention and Rehabilitation)

• Family Life (Developing Healthy Men, Women and Children)

• Financial Literacy (Earning, Saving, Investing, and Spending Wisely)

For more information of the Free Advancement Services contact West Angeles Church of God in Christ or call (323) 733-8300. Contact: Darrin McAllister

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