For Doris A. Scott Greer: Gratitude Matters!

By Interfaith Gazette Staff

On Saturday, March 25, 2017, the U M A D A O P Building at 2447 Nebraska Ave. was the place where family, friends, co-workers, church members, and co-laborers would fill the room to the brim to say "thank you" for the untiring time, talent, skills, and love that one Doris A. Scott Greer has given to the Toledo Public Schools for more than 37 years, along with the community, civic, and organizational affiliations that she has committed to for many, many years in Toledo, the State of Ohio, and around this country.

It was noteworthy that the room was filled with persons from all walks of life, which is indicative of the broad panoramic perspective and scope that Mrs. Greer has lived in all of her years of dedication to children and families in this community. Politicians, Educators, Doctors, Lawyers, Pastors, Students, Social Workers, Musicians, Entrepreneurs and every profession that one can name was present for this SURPRISE in Doris' honor.

Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson was present and presented a Proclamation from her office and shared words of gratitude for the work of Mrs. Greer and the time that they shared working together for the good of the people. Accolade after accolade was echoed from each presenter which included Representative Michael Ashford, Councilman Larry Sykes, who along with the Guest Speaker, Dr. Cecilia Adams, presented a resolution from City Council.

The blessing in this celebration was that Mrs. Greer is a Board member of UMADAOP, so it was fitting for the host, to share in this effort. The evening was also flanked by several family members who presented gifts to their mother, grandmother, and aunt. All Saints Episcopal Church, her home church, showed up in great numbers to say thank you for the love, time, and support at the church that she provides untiringly. Senior Warden Charles Roberts spoke on behalf of the church, along with one of the members who paid a touching tribute to her life and work.

Because UMADAOP provides Recovery and Addiction services to the community, throughout the evening, information was presented to the attendees about the services and programs offered, particularly since the nation faces an epidemic with opiods. In fact, Dr. Cecelia Adams, in her presentation, gave some statistics nationally and locally as to how ravaged with the epidemic that we face, to the point of suggesting that attendees not turn a deaf ear to what is going on locally and be proactive instead of having to be reactive.

Many words of gratitude and thankfulness came from friends and cohorts. Mrs. Lola Glover, also referred to as Momma Lola, a retired Educator and longtime friend, spoke affectionately about the many years of advocating on behalf of young people and education for the children that she and Doris had partnered on. Mr. John Edwards, Sr., Executive Director at U M A D A O P, brought laughter to the room when he spoke about Mrs. Greer "being hard on him", he emphasized it, lol. Yet, on a serious note, he spoke about her contributions to the community and the agency down through the years and them being of great notoriety.

This celebration was definitely a SURPRISE, well needed and deserved by the honoree. Throughout the evening, Dr. Marjorie Holt, Mistress of Ceremony, shared the community involvement of Mrs. Greer in serving with her and how the friendship for 35 years has served to be invaluable. She played a trivial game throughout the dinner about Doris, where attendees were asked "how well do you know Doris". Dr. Holt gave her book titled, From A Grasshopper To A Giant, to those who responded with the correct answers. A star, striking delicious meal was catered by Sean Anthony.

Mrs. Greer throughout the evening, displayed the element of SURPRISE that will forever live in her heart as she articulated in her remarks of " thank you ".

Hats off to Mrs. Doris A. Scott Greer for her many years served at Toledo Public Schools and the community. We appreciate and love you. Just know that we are grateful for your labor of love for our children and families and our Gratitude Matters. May God bless you.

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