Hope Outreach Ministry and Empowerment: The Celebration Begins!

The Word of Faith Ministries and the Hope Outreach Ministry and Empowerment, with Pastor Terri Sutton as Founder of the Program, embarked upon a great vision for the North Toledo community. And on Saturday, March 18, 2017, they saw significant strides relating to their vision come to pass.

In an evening of Jazz with music provided by Soft Touch, friends, family, pastors, city officials, reformation leaders, and well wishers gathered at the Word of Faith newly renovated House of Worship to share in the joy of what is expected to bless all who enters the doors. And what a stake in this vision does the Great Lakes Conference Churches of God of Findlay, Oh, has in the fulfillment of watching a committed Bishop Kevin and Pastor Terri Sutton's work come to pass. The President of the Conference, Thomas Weaver, was present to witness and see the fruit of their labor through the grant that they provided, as well as to articulate their support for the rebuilding of the Walls.

Also sharing in this night of celebration was Mayor Paula Hicks Hudson who stated that she was invited to share in this reopening of the building because as the Mayor, she is committed to any positive efforts that are done to improve the quality of life for the people of the City of Toledo.

Joining her was Representative Edna Brown who credits Councilwoman Yvonne Harper, a longtime resident who grew up in North Toledo, or OUT STICKNEY, as Pastor Terri exclaims, and in attendance at the event, as getting her out of the house to attend. She stated that she was glad to be present and to know what is happening to enhance the residents of the North end. Councilman Larry Sykes was also present and shared the evening with.

She stated that the newly renovated facility in phase one, will provide a safe place where children and families can come and engage in after school program, games, talk, tutoring, have fun things to do, as well as to bring back the old movie theater that was a vital part of the neighborhood.

Hats off to the Hope Outreach Ministry and Empowerment program, whose motto is "WHAT HAPPENS AFTER SUNDAY", for a job well done. They too are seeking pledges from the community in an effort to move on to phase two of the renovation project, which is the Outreach Community Center. Pastor Terri indicates that interested volunteers are welcomed and don't have to be a member of Word of Faith to be a part of this outreach.

A Re-dedication service of the newly renovated house of Worship took place at 5 PM on April 2nd, and the first service will take place on April 9th at 11:00 AM. Bishop Kevin and Pastor Terri invites you to fellowship with them in this time of renewal for the Word of Faith Ministries. The church is located at 2911 Stickney Ave. To God be the glory for their great work and we pray God's continued Blessings upon them.

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