Parting Words

As we move closer and closer to Easter(Resurrection) one of the most memorable and celebrated days is what is called"Good Friday". Good Friday is the day that Jesus Christ hung on the cross and uttered what is famously the seven last words. These were the last recorded words, the parting words of Jesus that is commemorated on the Friday before Easter Sunday. The words that Jesus speaks from the Cross are poignant, pertinent and powerful even today. These words are fuel for the faithful in that Jesus was suffering on Calvary for the sins of the world, yet never have sinned himself. Jesus parting words were timeless and timely on the Cross and we should never forget his sacrifice.

Jesus made the most of where he was! One of the greatest moments of my life was being able to attend my brothers retirement from Proctor and Gamble recently in Cincinnati. In his parting words after 24 years there he said if he had to frame the time spent here is how he would do it:

"Be where you are" Thinking about being somewhere else or wishing you were somewhere else disables your ability to make the necessary impact where you are. On the cross Jesus made an indelible impact where he was.

"Bloom where you're planted"

Sometimes it may seem better if you were anywhere other than where you are right now, but don't miss your now because you're waiting to get there!

Do everything you can where you are while you can as much as you can.

"Share what you're learning"

Never stop learning and never stop sharing what you've learned. Don't take what you were taught to the grave, give it away before you go.

"Die Empty"

Maximize every opportunity that comes your way each and every day before someone tells you"you're out of time"! In other words, leave it all on the field.

Parting words, no matter where they come from can leave an indelible impact.

Make sure that this Easter season is more than eggs, bunnies and candy. Remember that words do matter! Command, seize and win your day.

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