WHEN LEGENDS MEET, THE PEOPLE REJOICE! World Renown Singer Doc McKenzie Celebrates Life of Rev. Theo

On Saturday night in South Toledo on the busy street of Airport Highway, all vehicles headed in that direction had some difficulty passing by The Cross Church and not feeling led to stop because of the sounds of Hosanna in the highest were resounding loudly from the building.

The saints gathered with excitement to honor and celebrate the life of one Pastor Rev. Theodis Horton, who for years pastored the Shiloh Baptist Church and the God First Church. It was fitting and certainly a joyous occasion to honor this man of God for all of his many years of service to the people of God and the Body of Christ. And no one could have brought more joy to him than his friend and gospel cohort, Milbert E. S. McKenzie, better known as Doc McKenzie of Lake City, S. C. He spoke passionately about his relationship with Pastor Horton and gave him accolades for his music ministry being what it is today. Doc McKenzie sang "WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN JESUS" as a tribute to Pastor Horton. The soul stirring rendition brought the congregation and filled house to their feet.

Travoy Horton, the son of Pastor Horton, thought it necessary as he stated, to pay tribute to his father while he could see and hear people who truly love him in a setting where QUARTET is paramount and affectionately echoed in every group who hit the stage. Also showcasing during the evening was The Newsome Family Singers who started the evening out with songs of joy that prepared the celebration to go higher as each group took the center stage. Another local group who has extensive roots and calls themselves 3 G's, aka the Third Generation, passionately sang songs that took the attendees to a place of solitude, I.e. remembering the life and talent of Bro. Robert Campbell. You see Tiffany Campbell reminded everyone of where she came from. She is the daughter of Bro. Robert Campbell who passed two years ago.

The evening was definitely an evening to remind Pastor Horton of his love and commitment to his gospel singing roots. Each song seemed to have appropriately conveyed a message of thanks to him. You see Pastor Horton has undergone serious illnesses in the past few years that have hindered him from doing what he has always loved to do, sing! He, for many years, traveled the globe with his group singing the praises of the Lord, quartet style. He even gave the crowd a little bit of what he use to do.

Doc McKenzie was the feature of the night for the crowd. His long standing history in the music industry has afforded him great, American national status, and certainly in the world of Quartet music. He started his career in 1990 with six album releases by Atlanta International Records, Savoy Records, and Meltone Records. He has continued to be on the Billboard Magazine Charts and exclusively on the Gospel Albums chart. It was a night that will long be remembered by Pastor Horton and Lady Horton. She spoke about the love that Pastor has always had for her and how she has not suffered lack for one moment of being his wife. In fact she mused the crowd by saying that he gave her everything and dressed her like she wanted to be dressed.

The night was a well deserved tribute and honor to Pastor Theodis Horton. We salute his life and work, his talents and love for what he has untiringly provided to this community and this nation. Rev. Travoy Horton, son, stated that " this time of coming together was really all about the love for my dad"! We bless the Lord for this man of God and pray continued strength upon his life. We love you Pastor Horton!

The Cross Church is located at 2025 Airport Hwy. where the Pastor is Rev. Michael Prince and Lady Sabrina Prince.

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