Y M C A's…..Y. O. P. MAKING A DIFFERENCE and Doing it on Purpose!

In the wake of shortfalls, shortcuts, or just plain ole short in stature these days, one program in the Toledo area works hard to see IMPACT work! The YMCA has a program that has a unique approach to engaging in the lives of youth. It is the Y. O. P. ( Youth Opportunities Program).

Y. O. P. Is sure of one thing, they are determined to show up strong in every young person's life who walks through their doors. They provide concrete services such as Leadership training, interactive youth building skills, computer training, entrepreneurial access, and overall support for teens between the ages of 16 to 21 years. Teens and young adults from low income families have access to assistance and support that offers them major opportunities to careers and educational options upon graduation from high school. It is a year around program that also provides tutoring in reading and math.

The program utilizes a comprehensive, wholistic approach to maximizing resources that they have to enhance the well being of the entire family. Every participant in the program and their family, receives a COMPLIMENTARY Y M C A MEMBERSHIP to encourage a healthier lifestyle. Y. O. P. Is not just another after school program, it is much more than that. Academic achievement is the primary focus. However, the staff is sensitized to individual needs of he participants and work hard to assist when small obstacles in the youth's life are evident. In fact, they are motivated to succeed by overcoming the challenges and obstacles when encountered.

In a recent Luncheon, fundraising was identified as an opportunity for the community to support the youth and the program. Three teens who shared their commitment to the program and the support that they needed at critical times in their lives, made the biggest difference in success and not failure. In fact, Tristen, a participant, became very emotional when talking about the support that she has in the program, and credited the staff for ensuring their ongoing commitment to her.

The Y's goal is to raise $25,000 so that more teens can be serviced and quality programming can continue. Sponsorship levels range from BRONZE at $100, SILVER at $500, GOLD at $1,000, PLATINUM at $2500, and DIAMOND at $5,000. Your response is greatly appreciated. You may call 419.290.3430 for more information and opportunities to support. Hats off to the Board, staff, and Mrs. Crystal Harris Darnell, Executive Director, for a job well done!

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