Don't Get Lost in the Sauce

As the season continues to change and the temperature begins to climb upward, there are a few things to look forward to. Family reunions, cookouts, good music and good food especially barbecue! When you listen to a real"que" master they all have special ways to cook, marinate and all of them have a special sauce. One of the cardinal sins when it comes to doing ribs is that you never want the sauce to drown the meat. In other words, don't let the meat get lost in the sauce!

Matter of fact, good meat when its cooked right they tell me doesn't even need any sauce. Well, if you've read any of my other writings you know there is a segway to why I'm really writing.

Here it is!

In life there are times when you have to make sure that you don't lose yourself, get lost in all that's going on whether it's politically, financially, socially or psychologically.

Friend, i write these words to urge you, plead with you and push you to the point where you know without a shadow of doubt that now is not the time to get lost in the sauces, flavors, winds of anything. Now is the time to make sure your focus is fixed, your mind is determined and your heart is in it to win it! Sure, there are a number of things that could wipe out the best of them. Our community is facing test and challenges like never before and its easy to get overwhelmed and stick your proverbial head in the sand, but that's not the answer for a growing city that's making progress to be proud of. How can you not get lost in the sauce? Glad you asked, here it goes.

Its what you put in the sauce that gives it the flavor!

Remember, what you feed the most grows the fastest!

Low coolant level can lead to a breakdown and expensive repairs!

Try some spiritual coolant in your life when your engine wants to blow up. When there is a lot of injustice, bullies and gossip in the world we get the urge to blow up. When life gets hot, think coolant and chill out. Don't let the sauce of life swallow you up!

Take some time, clear your head and heart, apply prayer and ask God to take over the situation. Fix the situation without complaining, ranting or raving. Remind yourself that you were made for this and you're not going to get lost in the sauce, not today and certainly not tomorrow. Command, seize and win the day!

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