Dr. Yvonne Pointer: The PAIN WAS FOR PURPOSE!

Not many people have the testimony as one Dr. Yvonne Pointer of Cleveland, Oh. who found her way to New Life C. O. G. I. C. on Sunday morning with a forward word to the body of Christ as to the power of God who turned her tragedy into triumph. You see in 1984, Dr. Pointer lost her 14 year old daughter, Gloria, through the hands of a rapist and murderer. Her life from that point on would be one of searching for answers to this tragedy that turned her world upside down. She cried out daily to the Lord to "come and get me". She was not ready to commit suicide but she just wanted out. She stated that in the midst of her pain and in the midst of her crying out to God, he told her that I will be your reason!

However, after hearing the voice of God, It was nothing short of making her ministry one of an assuredness that would lead her to the doors of prisons, in hopes that she would or could somehow come in contact with the murderer or someone who knew the one who had committed such heinous acts on her daughter. She became a walking Evangelist who walked into those doors with a destined purpose that she wore daily: to find out who killed my child!

But it was not without the vicissitudes that would take place in her life that would lead her to the challenge of finding "her place" in the midst of the turmoil that plagued her daily. Her world had been turned upside down. Questions minute by minute led her to hearing and obeying God to the point that she finally accepted the call to minister to the prisoners behind bars, which opened the doors for her to minister to the world.

Dr. Pointer's message has resounded loudly to the point of becoming a national voice who is heard all over the country. Her message is sure, her mission is known. She is a voice for parents who have experienced the loss of children at the hands of murderers. As she travels worldwide, her vision lacks nothing. She is broad in her scope and is unlimited in her territory. Her determination never wavered and with the help of God, she was able to after 29 years finally come FACE TO FACE WITH THE ONE WHO MURDERED HER CHILD. Her testimony is that she was able to minister to him even on death row. She is the Author of several books, including "Behind the Death of a Child, Two Dollars in My Pocket, and Word From The Mother". She is an Activist and Philanthropist who has journeyed the globe. Recently she was the parent speaker at the U. S. Dept. of Justice for the National Missing and Exploited Children's Ceremony. She has appeared on Oprah Winfrey Show, Queen Latifah, Fox, in Ebony, Essence, and many more.

This woman of God's pain transcended into purpose. Her trials and struggles positioned her to become a VOICE TO and FOR THE NATION. She has ministries that lead her as far away as Ghana, Africa. And to be the blessing to the Toledo community that she was, her national radio internet voice caught the attention of Lady Sheila Cook of New Life COGIC, 1215 Oakwood Ave. where Bishop Terry Cook is the Senior Pastor. Dr. Pointer is grateful for doors that are opened to her in spreading the word. She states that she loves God with all of her heart because of all that he has done for her and definitely believes that had it not been for the Lord sustaining her through her pain, that she would have never discovered her real PURPOSE. Her list of accomplishments are numerous and can be found on www.yvonnepointer.comd email yvonnepointer@aol.com. May God continue to bless the fruit of your labor WOG!

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