Will God Allow the Crack In The Walls?

The Christian Right has lost the light: they speak in tongues, praising God in their heavenly language, take the sacraments, gather together to study the Word and pray; heal the sick and provide missionaries to bring salvation to those who don't know Jesus. Yet they refuse to love their neighbor, care for the children born as orphans to parents that neglect or push their children away; condemn sinners without chastising themselves for hating the sinful; use the name of Jesus to justify their sins of war and death against infidels instead of ministering to them. They despise Jesus' admonishment to forgive sin and love sinners; to feed the hungry, and take care of the widows and orphans; and wrongfully teach that God is going to slay those who sin; claiming that he's judging those His Son, Jesus, told them to forgive and pray for. They hasten their own ruin, unaware of the crack in the wall they've built up between them and the world, keeping out sinners instead of ministering to them in love, not condemnation; unaware that the condemnation they put on others will fall on them when the cracked wall that is right-wing politics collapses. I recently accepted the challenge from a church in New York City to write a play based on Isaiah 30:8-14. Here is a synopsis of the play I submitted:

A street preacher comes into the House of Representative and reproaches the representatives that have taken away all help for those in need while fattening their own coffers and providing themselves with the best and giving those who are in need the worst of everything from healthcare to minimum wages to sending the poor into battle but keeping their children in the safety of their homes. Despite their profession of Christianity, they are called out for their sin of hatred of those they judge to be sinners instead of loving the sinner and not condemning anyone, considering their sins against the people they represent. The street preacher warns them that there is a crack in the wall they've built around themselves, shutting out the people they are supposed to represent, and that the crack is widening with each vote against the poor and disabled and for the wealthy. They try to throw the prophet out of the assembly. As he leaves after preaching salvation to them, taking one repentant soul with him, the walls fall and bury the unrepentant in their sin. Here is some of the dialog:


Before it’s too late, leave your evil ways and settle in the way of duty. The way to be saved.


Do you question our faith? Who are you to judge us? We do the will of the people who elected us.


You mean the ones that buy your votes and legislate your morality? I know that you desire that you may no more be reminded of these things, but as you despise the word of God, your sins undermine your safety. That’s why the crack in the wall is opening a fissure to bring down this House of Inequity!...The only infidel I see here is you, Sir. How can you condemn disabled children and the elderly to death while giving yourselves the best health care in the nation? When the poor are neglected and the elders and children with disabilities are left to die, the entire structure of a society will collapse.

Congressman 3:

What would you have us do when the poor are beyond help and children with disabilities cannot contribute anything of value to our society? We fight for the rights of the unborn, not the impaired.


You think yourselves wiser than God who allowed the disabled and the aged to live so that we might show our compassion? This health care plan which benefits you and shuts out those that need it most will be your ruin. If you will not repent, turn to God, and seek happiness in his favor and service, your desires will hasten your ruin.

Congressman 2:

You are not of God. You’re the spawn of Satan. Our god knows us and he will not allow you or anyone else to stop our efforts to turn this nation back to its Christian heritage.


“They had the light, but they loved darkness rather. The prophets checked them in their sinful pursuits, so that they could not proceed without fear; this they took amiss. But faithful ministers will not be driven from seeking to awaken sinners. God is the Holy One of Israel, and so they shall find him.” (bows head in prayer)

Congressman 3:

He’s quoting Isaiah.

Congressman 2:

You just figured that out? Who cares which book of the bible he’s quoting? We’ve got to get this lunatic out of here….

Congressman 3:

(points to wall as a small fissure opens, making a wide opening through which light pours)

The crack in the wall! (the other two run for shelter under the table, but he is transfixed)


The state will be broken into pieces like a potter’s vessel. “They shall be so broken as when the pitcher is crushed into minute fragments, so that there is no piece large enough to convey a coal from one fire for the lighting of another, or to be of even the least use for drawing water from a well. A complete dissolution of the political fabric is foreshadowed…”

Congressman 3:

Lord, I repent of my sins! In the name of Jesus! Deliver me from certain death, oh Lord!

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