I.M.A. Annual Revival and Youth Hip Hop Summit A Big Success As The “Shift” Took Place!

When the weather can't hold you back and determination is your goal, you get there by any means necessary! There was a sound in the air as the people of God were preparing to hear in the I M A Revival and Summit for the week in “Shifting To A New Place”, 1 Cor. 5: 17.

On Wednesday, May 3rd thru Friday, May 5th at the First Church of God, hundreds gathered to witness a remarkable move of the holy spirit in anointed services that echoed from the lower level to the balcony. You see the week of services got a jump start from the youth of our city that came from all areas of the city and surrounding areas. Their goal was to make some noise for Jesus and boy did they. The drums, music, and voices all came together to produce one harmonious sound that resonated far and near. As our youth say today, IT WAS DOPE! They spared no pain in making sure that their purpose was known for their gathering. Chants, wraps, and full youthful apparel, signified that our youth were about their business. And from the looks of the more than 150 youth that gathered for the Summit, our future is in good hands.

And as the days progressed and the crowd gathered in the main sanctuary, the beat of a different drummer was occurring as the people of God gathered to hear the songs of Zion from the Community Choir that had prepared for these awesome services that would take place during the week. Under the direction of Minister Chris Byrd and Lady Deborah Brock, the Community Choir sang songs that provided a wealth of remembrances for the saints to just bask in the presence of God. Worship was in the house and the atmosphere was charged for the word of God to follow from the powerful men of God that were chosen to break the Bread of Life to the listeners.

On Wednesday night the Presiding Officer for the evening was Bishop Randall Parker, which set the stage for Bishop Michael Pitts of the Cornerstone Church to ignite the attendees through an electrifying word taken from the scripture for the week. His subject was I Can't But We Can. As Thursday progressed and the people of God met on a rainy evening as Pastor Timothy Clark called the house to worship. Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, III of the Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, Il. was the expositor for the evening with a word from the Lord for the people of God. The lingering of the holy ghost that was all consuming in the building, made it easy for the people of God to launch out into the deep in the presence of God, as well as eagerly received the message through Dr. Moss. On Friday evening, the wrap up anointing was charged from the very beginning to the end of the week. Pastor Lee Williams made a plea for the attendees to loose their hearts and minds on what the week would end on, a high note in Jesus. The Community choir sang to the glory of God and made way for the word to come forth in power and blessings through the voice of Bishop Brehon Hall of the Greater New Psalmist Church. It was clear in the minds of the people for the week that the I M A, particularly President Cedric Brock, had done a good thing by selecting the Homilist for the week. Each of them were celebrated by the attendees, as they provided uplifting, inspiring, and an anointed word for the people of God to move ahead and be able to SHIFT TO THE NEW PLACE. Congratulations to President Brock and the members of the I M A for a job well done!

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