The Old Living Legend Rev. Will Collier Strikes Again! A Fairview Nursing Home Mother's Day Revu

By Interfaith Gazette Staff

On Saturday, a preview of what Toledo's Legend Rev. Will Collier was doing what he loves to do at a time when others are preparing for the big day, Mother's Day, he was making sure that Mother's were enjoying the sweet sounds of Collier.

In an effort to celebrate Mother's on their special day, Rev. Collier made sure that he brought joy to some mothers who were not able to go to him; he went to them.

Fairview Nursing Home paid tribute to Mother's in a special musical celebration that included Rev. Collier, a favorite of the mothers and residents who live there. It is located on Wenz Rd. in South Toledo. A great time was had by all in their introduction to Mother's Day. We salute Rev. Collier for taking time to pay tribute to special mothers. God bless you, the staff, and families of Fairview Nursing Home.

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