Shekinah Community Church Finds Joy in Fellowship

As the services on Sunday morning move into high gear, the saints of God at Shekinah Community Church move into a spirit of expectancy for what would prove to be a high time in the House of God.

Shekinah Community Church on Alexis Rd. embodies a sense of just praising God and making deliberate efforts to engage in glorifying God from the beginning to the end of services. A spirit of expectation was sensed in the house of God through the elevation of praise and worship by the Praise Team and Musicians as well as the waving of hands and signals of satisfaction with head nodding and amens from the parishioners.

One would gather after being a part of the service on this day, that this church is on their way to a great beginning in God. As you look around the congregation, it was noticeable that it is comprised of a few generations, some of which are youth of all ages. This Sunday several of the youth, who were being trained as Ushers, greeted attendees at the door. The Pastor, Rev. Linwood R. Beale, made several responses about the youth in training, who were also dressed appropriately in their black and white Usher attire.

As Pastor Beale moved into the Word of God, his message focused on exhorting the people of God to desire more of God, knowing that God is not a magician who turns tricks, that he wants to bless the people of God. He reminded the congregants that in spite of their past, God kept on blessing, even as all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. He encouraged each to know that they have the victory because of knowing Jesus. His sermon was connected to " I've Got The Victory".

Shekinah Community Church in Northwest Toledo is alive and vibrant and welcomes Toledo to join them on Sunday at 12 Noon. It is located at 2200 W. Alexis Rd. (Across from Taco-Bell). Bless you Pastor Linwood Beale and may God continue to anoint you for the work that he has assigned to your hands.

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