Not many places on a Friday night in the church world are maxing out to reach out. Toledo is known for fellowship and good times but none may compare to the fellowship that took place at 1222 Indiana Ave. at Southern Missionary Baptist Church.

The hands leading the way on Friday at Southern were being steered by that of Officer Dana Slay who led the church F L O, For Ladies Only, into an immeasurable praise in preparation for what was to come. Pastor Roger D. Carson, Jr. had entrusted the weekend to the women of Southern to JUST DO IT, and this they did without a hitch. As the evening progressed, vendors lined the vestibule with goods and products second to none, that varied from baked goods, books, handbags and runway clothing. It was evident that the women were there on purpose for a purpose. They were sure of why they had assembled for the weekend to carry out the mission of " women moving ahead".

As the evening forged ahead, women from all walks of life were plugging in to the power that was in the room. Praise and worship was conducted by Sis. Kimberly Johnson who led the congregants into jubilant songs, followed by a welcome from Pastor Carson. The Dance Ministry of Jerusalem Baptist Church, accompanied by their Pastor Dr. Willie Perryman and Lady Monica Perryman, charted Praise N Motion that would linger throughout the night as the evening continued.

The women had selected as their theme for the FLO, Prayer: JUST DO IT, taken from the scripture Matthew 7:7, which reads "ask and it shall be given you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open unto you"! The steering of the ship for the evening presided by Officer Slay, also included words from her as a mother, regarding the evil of Human Trafficking, which is an atrocious ill nationwide and certainly facing us right here in our community of Toledo and surrounding areas. The Author of the book, THEY DON'T TELL, Lisa Gray, fashions the myths and truths about Human Trafficking and visible signs when this is present in an individuals life. The Ms. Gray was unable to attend on this evening but is being rescheduled to come back to the Toledo area and discuss her book.

The preached word for the evening was in the hands of Bishop Marjorie Holt, Ph. D. of MLH Ministries and Publisher of the Interfaith Gazette Newspaper. The focus was on "encouraging the women of Southern to JUST DO IT, by any means necessary to become whom God has made you to become. Be willing to walk out of your comfort zone. Remind yourself that what God has given you as a woman is valuable on your way to becoming , knowing that God has the confidence in women to JUST DO IT"! As she ministered to the women, she spoke to their hearts and minds to let go and let God mold them for his use, realizing that DESTINY, A place of victory, is their destination and has their name attached to it".

Sis. Gloria Latimer, shared words of gratitude for those who had spent the evening with the women of Southern. Bishop Holt shared the blessing for the rest of the services that would take place during the weekend on Saturday with a Style Show and Luncheon , and on Sunday at 11:00 AM, with Guest Psalmist Tracey Sheares and Speaker First Lady Veronica A. Hubert from Thankful Baptist Church, Detroit, Mi.

The evening ended with dinner in the reception hall. All services were held at Southern. Pastor Roger D. Carson, Jr. commendations on a great blessing that you and the women of Southern were to all of us. We celebrate you!

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