The Toledo Threat Posed a Threat to the Grand Rapids Galaxy Right Down to the End!

On Saturday evening at Start High School, all roads were leaning in the direction of watching The Toledo Threat Women's Professional Basketball Team win another victory and win for the hometown fans. The Galaxy, from Grand Rapids, Mi. rallied their team to keep the heat on the Threat right down to the wire. The Threat's Coach Kamesha Hairston, kept the team moving ahead with back to back baskets in the first half which took the heat into the second half of the game furiously.

As the Galaxy continued to rally their defense fervently against the Threat, the game never lost momentum with either team and scoring was repeatedly the goal of each team. As the Threat moved into the last 2 minutes of the game, both teams were facing fouls by several members of the teams. However, in the last few seconds of the game, Galaxy retained possession of the ball and made their way to the basket and garnered the two points that placed them in the lead.

With seconds remaining and the ball in the hands of The Toledo Threat, time ran out and no time was left for the team to get in position to score. The Threat was defeated by the Galaxy by 2 points. The final score was Galaxy 79 and Toledo Threat 77. Leading the Toledo Threat on to the victories in their next games scheduled are Team members # 1 Niki McCoy, # 5 Janelle Reed Lewis, # 12 Shareese Ulis, # 14 Precious Hands, # 20 Kenya Middlebrooks-Bauer, # 23 Cat Wells, # 24 Miriah Haynes, # 32 Sierra Brown, # 33 Karis Hood, # 34 Tiara Roberts, # 42 Sandi Brown, and # 52 Riana Hensley.

The Toledo Threat is also Community minded and provides an encouragement to the youth in our city. Sandi Brown, Owner of the Toledo Threat, presented at half time at center court, a plaque to Courtney Roberts of the Scott High School, who is Student of The Month. Montrice Terry was the Commentator for the game and the Start High Cheerleaders cheered the team on.

The next home game for the Toledo Threat is June 3rd at Toledo Christian High School. The admission for each game is $5.00. Once again the Coach for the Toledo Threat is Kamesha Hairston and the Owner is Sandi Brown. Lets give this group of women who are representing Toledo, all of the support that they deserve from us. Go Threat because you are a THREAT!

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