Trinity Faith Tabernacle Hosts Annual Prayer Luncheon

Saturday is generally a relaxed, slowing down day for working families whether you are in town or out of town. But this was not the case at Trinity Faith Tabernacle on May 20th. It was a day where the women of Trinity chose to celebrate each other in a Prayer Luncheon that would leave a real spirited rest of the day for those in attendance.

At the helm of steering the crowd into an opportunity to welcome in Shekinah or fellowship among sisters, was Sis. Brenda Mitchell, who kept the train running at a pace where no one in the room would feel left out or left behind. Sisterhood was truly in the room. As the women of Trinity prepared a meal for the attendees beyond delectable, all eyes were on the spread that had been so elegantly stretched in mirrored reflection that would welcome ones taste buds to reach deep for what was to come.

In an effort to stay on course and not keep eyes on the meal prepared, the attendees embraced a prayer by Sis. Clara Brock and a short praise and worship service that would usher in the spirit by Sis. Kira Brock. After spreading joy and entering into a spirit of unity and feeling welcomed at this point, Sis. Deitra McKinney shared a poem, entitled " A Woman's List" that left the crowd in aw with its content that sparked images of a striving yet successful woman. As the day progressed with anticipation, the Restoration Praise Dancers harmoniously blessed the attendees with a praise dance rendition that brought the crowd to its feet.

In the exquisitely decorated lower corridor of Trinity, a voice resonated, FOOD IS BEING SERVED! This announcement was definitely the answer to the experience that all were getting ready to share in the extensive meal that had been readied for the attendees. And as the meal was served, the women provided eagerly and collectively, heartfelt dialogue from one table to the next. This would serve as a welcomed introduction for the speaker of the hour, Bishop Marjorie Holt, Ph. D., Publisher of the Interfaith Gazette Newspaper, who spoke from the theme for the Luncheon: Reach Out and Touch Someone, taken from the scripture, "Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God", Romans 15:7.

It was evident from the participants that this Luncheon was certainly a great way to spend a Saturday. Hats off to Pastor Patrica Smith and the women of Trinity Faith Tabernacle for a job well done. The fellowship also brought out other female Pastors who shared their day with the women of Trinity, Ass't Pastor Regina Shinaul of Mt. Sinai Church, Pastor Arlene Huckleby, of Amazing Grace AME Zion Church, and Pastor Ywopp of the Restoration In Praise Ministries. We congratulate Pastor Smith and the Trinity Faith Tabernacle Church for hosting an elegant, soulful, spirit filled Luncheon, God bless you!

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