Rev. Will Collier Strikes Again and He's Loving It!

Father's Day has special meanings to those with and without fathers. Memories are revered of the times that FATHERS spend with their children and families. Sunday, FATHER'S Day, brought out melodic sounds from Rev. Will Colliear.

As Rev. Collier has become known worldwide for his unique style and musical talent in bringing joy, smiles, and sometimes laughter, one cannot dispute that he enjoys the gifts that he has been given and takes much pleasure in sharing them with others. The Heartland Nursing Home in Oregon, Oh. enjoyed the voice and sounds from Rev. Collier in his tribute to FATHERS on their day. He was welcomed by the staff and residents with waves, hello, and anticipation that he would definitely leave his mark upon his exit. He often shares his talent around the city at various programs, services, and events. He can be seen near the entrance at the Huntington Center during the Mudhen games.

Rev. Collier states that he just love sharing his gifts with people. He believes that this is the only reason that he was given them. We thank God for your gift and pray God's blessings upon you!

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