Saturday, June 10, 2017 all roads led to the Central Catholic High School whose sole purpose for gathering was to highlight and promote FATHERS. Many fathers and families gathered this year to show their support for the mission of this organization headed by Mark Robinson, Founder.

As the day began, it was obvious that this event was definitely designed to b

e a "family affair". The 7th annual walk has gained traction down through the years as more emphasis has been placed on father engagement and relationship building between absent fathers and their children. The day was also filled with community resources who provided information about products and services being offered to enhance the role of fathers in all areas of support.

The youth were excited as there were several giant inflatables on hand that set the stage for a great day for the children. On hand also were singing groups, I. E. The Mighty Brothers of Harmony, who along with The Existential Group, delighted the audience creating a melodic atmosphere that sparked participation by the attendees. Throughout the day, several gifts were given to those who had registered and secured tickets. Gifts brought about a lot of excitement in the attendees and participants as they paid close attention to their tickets, some of whom had several in hopes that at least one of their numbers would be called. Gift cards from Amazon, grill Kits, and books were at the top of the gift giving winning list.

When speaking with Founder, Mark Robinson, he expressed great love for the fathers and children who shared in the andFatherhood Walk, stating that the walk started at 11:00 and took approximately 1 hour to complete the 2 mile walk. He wants all to know that fathers are important to their children, and believes that more outreach services are needed to fathers, he wants to reverse the negative stigmas that surround the fathers, and he wants fathers to step up and acknowledge their children in their lives.

Should you be interested in learning more about the RESTORE Fatherhood Program you may call Mark Robinson at 419.377.1488 to seek out more information about the program or to volunteer your services, time, and talent. A job well done Mr. Robinson and we pray God's blessings upon the fruit of your labor!

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