All Saints Episcopal Fish Fry Tradition Hits a Mark!

Friday is always a day that everyone welcomes coming around so that the end of the week can be left behind and the beginning of a new day can begin. As one passed by the All Saints Episcopal Church on City Park and Indiana Avenues beginning at 10:00 am thru 7:00 pm, it would be inescapable to experience what is known as "hyperosmia", an increased ability to smell what was cooking there, Alaskan Pollock, which is a mild flavored white fish with a delicate and flaky texture.

As the day progressed, it was obvious that the community was familiar with this tradition at All Saints. Neighbors, families, friends, church members, all gathered throughout the day until day end to enjoy this remembered time of dining in or take out. The church also took the time to share in gently worn clothing, shoes, jewelry, and other items that were available for a nominal cost.

The day was definitely one of extraordinary fellowship. Men , women, boys, and girls all shared in the meal that would send each participant away satisfied. All Saints welcomes each to spread the love of Jesus with them on a weekly basis. It was evident that the smiles, the sweet aroma of neighbors greeting, meeting, and eating with one another, was a well deserving exchange that prevailed throughout the room.

All Saints weekly services starting with Bible Study, take place on Tuesday at 4:30 PM and Sunday Services are at 10:00 AM and is located at 563 Pinewood at Indiana Avenues. Senior Wardens leading the charge for congregational support and services until a New Rector is assigned, are Bro. Charles Roberts and Eucharistic Leaders, Bro. Fred Sherman, Sis. Lera Doneghy and Bro. Stephen Robinson. Communion services take place twice monthly with the sharing and participation by St. Timothy Episcopal Church of Perrysburg, Oh. For your eating pleasure, A chicken barbecue dinner is being planned for August 4, 2017. Everyone is invited to stop by! God bless you All Saints, we appreciate your service to our community!

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