MILESTONES at Mt. Nebo Baptist Church Celebrated with Pastor Dr. Cedric Brock!

Sunday evening, June 11 at 4 PM, Mt. Nebo probably housed more partners, saints, and friends, who were simply personifying the scripture Acts 2:44 which reads " that when all were together, they had all things in common"! Pastor Cedric Brock had gathered many who would come together from the north, south, east and west, and central, to celebrate his 24th Year Pastoral Anniversary at Mt. Nebo Baptist Church, as well as the congratulations that were in order for him receiving his Doctorate in Counseling from Metropolitan College of Theology.

He was joined by Pastors from all denominations and affiliations, politicians, Judges, Executive Directors, Directors, Educators, Medical professionals and many others who stopped by long enough to say congratulations and thank you.

The services were set for the entrance of Pastor Brock and Lady Debra Brock as Rev. Willie Jenkins served as Worship Leader and the Praise and Worship led by Rev. Kay Crenshaw, Elder Prentiss Anderson, and Deacon Seldon Hill prepared the congregants for the jubilant service that was to come. Pastor Brock and Lady Debra were escorted in by his daughter, Kiarra and Bro. Travis Brock.

Some Friends of Pastor Brock had come from Detroit, Mi. to share their love for the friendship that they had shared down through the years. One of those persons was BIshop Walton Lawrence from the East Grand Blvd. C. O. G. I. C. He shared his many years of support that Pastor Brock had given him, especially during the times of a critical illness that he had suffered. The music ministry of Mt. Nebo brought the attendees to their feet rejoicing with them as they sang songs of Zion that would keep the spirit of love and the aroma of a special service taking place.

Pastor Andrew Maize of New Beginnings Church was the Guest Speaker. He would light the pathway for appreciating the work of a true servant in the person of Pastor Brock. His uplifting message was encouraging, inspirational, and definitive for the occasion. Present in the room were Toledo Municipal Court Judge Denise Cubbon, and Judge Josh Lanzinger, who spoke about his presence there. He stated that he has attended the celebration for a couple of years, stating that Pastor Brock has taken me under his wings and I am here for support because he was grateful to me during my campaign. He is a pillar in the community, busy and doing a wonderful job. Judge Tim Kuhlman also stated that he was there because he has known Pastor for man years, working with people who have been in our court system or aiming to be in there. Building partnerships was important to him so building them with people like Pastor Brock was of necessity for them to do what needs to be done in and through the court system.

Partnerships were the theme for Dr. Brock as he shared the MOVEMENT that has sprang from moments that he has captivated at Mt. Nebo. He spoke with excitement about the collaborations that he feels so positive about. Some of which are Children Services, Mental Health, Fatherhood programs, schools and others that he looks forward to continuing. We celebrate Pastor Dr. Cedric Brock on his MILESTONES OF 24 years at Mt. Nebo Baptist Church and the Doctorate in Counseling that he has received. God bless you!

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