President Robert Lyons, Sr. Send Off "Summer-Well Address " Encourages Togetherness

Saturday evening at 416 Belmont Street, all ears were open to hear an address that would cause the attendees to laugh, think, focus, ponder, envision, imagine, and ask the question who are we and what are we doing! This evening was one that was set aside to meet several needs for President Robert Lyons, Sr., President of the Baptist Ministers Conference.

As the congregants, pastors, friends, and attendees gathered for the evening, it would soon be known as to why this gathering was one of a different aura. The room was filled with elegance that met you at the door when you entered throughout the entire lower level of Greater St. Mary's Baptist Church. And the smiles that were worn and shared with guest were just as beautiful and sincere as well.

Rev. Robert Lyons, Sr. President of the Baptist Ministers Conference, had called this auspicious gathering for the purpose of closing out the session for the summer of the monthly meetings that take place throughout the year with pastors who are members of the Conference. Throughout the evening he eluded to the 25 plus churches and pastors, representing more than 6,000 members of the churches locally, who untiringly share their time and talent in building the Kingdom of God through helping individuals become all that they can become to do better and become servants of God with a mission to serve.

The address for the evening focused on the need for UNITY in the community and how it is so important to put down our individual agendas for the purpose of making sure that City Hall and everyone knows that there is a new chief at the helm who is committed to making the community better. His address focused on rebuilding the walls that have been torn down because of disunity. He is determined to provide services to the group and the community as long as he is there for his two year term. He states that they are looking forward to developing, educating, and building up the community in an economic manner. He believes that the foundation for the group is on the cusp of welcoming change for them through initiating programs that matter and will make a difference, reexamining where they have been but more importantly looking at where they will go


Pastor John D. Walthall III, of the Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, is a member of the Baptist Ministers Conference. He spoke about the leadership by Pastor Lyons and the excitement about what he believes the future holds during his term. He believes that ministers should be available and able to respond in areas that should be embraced because of their calling.

As President Lyons completed his Summer Well Address, he spoke candidly about the support that should be given to those in office who support us, "we know who they are" he stated. The evening with the Baptist Ministers Conference was also shared by Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson. What a great send off as was expressed by the Pastors in attendance. God bless you President Lyons as you enter into your leadership reign of the Baptist Ministers Conference!

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