A Dead Body Resurrected by the Word of the Lord's (Malachi 4:5) Servant

WASHINGTON, -- On June 21, 2017, Pastor Rosa of West Pokot, Kenya, was extremely ill. Her husband, Pastor Samson, sent a message to the local church about the situation. At midnight, it was getting worse so he sent a prayer request via SMS to the Mightiest Prophet of the LORD, Dr. David Owuor. Not soon after, he received news from home that his wife passed on.

The daughter said that Pastor Rosa stretched her whole body, relieved herself, and died.

Consequently, the body had stiffened and became colder with no pulse or heartbeat. She died at 12:50 a.m. Friday, June 22, 2017.

The grieving family began to wail loudly. Upon hearing the sounds, the neighbors came to their home and found Rosa's body covered with a blanket. They confirmed that she was actually dead, and immediately joined the family in wailing and mourning.

Thereafter, a message of reply from the mighty prophet of the LORD was received at the local church and it said, "IT IS WELL."

The church members then stopped all mourning and sobbing about Pastor Rosa and rushed the message to the home where Rosa passed away. It was already a house of mourning where everyone was wailing for the loss.

When the husband received that message from the Mightiest Prophet of LORD, he informed everyone present to stop mourning. Everyone was told to celebrate!

Why? Because the reply message said, "IT IS WELL."

The family went into the house and by faith began celebrating right beside the dead body of Pastor Rosa. After celebrating for one (1) and a half (1/2) hours, her dead body coughed, sneezed, and opened its eyes again, and began breathing!

Pastor Rosa resurrected asking her husband to help her to sit up. She was also asking her daughter, "nani amenirudisha?" Meaning, "Who has brought me back?" The daughter answered, "It was the LORD Jesus."

Pastor Rosa of West Pokot, having been confirmed dead for approximately two hours, now lives!

By The Word of His Servant, the Malachi 4:5 Prophet of the LORD, Glory to the Mighty God of Israel! The God of Elijah!

Prepare the Way, for surely, Jesus is Coming!

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