Suzette Cowell, The Board of the Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union, and the Staff honored seven individuals this year for their service and contributions to the credit union and the community.

Friday morning at the Warren AME Church, the multi purpose room was filled with family and friends, politicians, and well wishers to congratulate the honorees.

They are Amirah L. Gibson, 8 yrs. of age, the youngest honoree; Zenaje P. Liggons, 9 yrs. of age, one of the youngest honorees; Kristin Conley, a recent college graduate; Albert Earl, Jr., Co-Founder and CEO of the Village 50; Nadine Jessup, a Recent Retiree from General Motors; George E. Snelling III, Retired from City of Toledo Fire Department and Toledo Public School as a Teacher; and Rev. James H. Willis, Sr., President of the ABC Ohio and Pastor of the St. Paul Baptist Church.

As the program convened, because it was a Prayer Breakfast, many of the local clergy were asked to steer it. The Mistress of Ceremonies was Bishop Marjorie Holt, worship songs of the day were rendered by First Lady Debra Brock, Opening Prayer was given by Pastor Otis Gordon, Host. The welcome was provided by Fletcher Word, President of the TUFCU. Prayer for the City & Leaders was given by Pastor Jerry Boose who also prayed for the Festival that is upcoming in August. A Prayer for the Churches was given by Elder Lisa Key. Prayer for the TUFCU was given by Bishop Randall Parker, III. Pastor Willie Perryman gave the Prayer for our Youth. The closing prayer was done by Bishop M. C. McGhee. Mrs. Cowell, Executive Director and Delivery Simmons, Assistant Manager, presented the awards to the honorees for the 2017 year. We pray for the work of Mrs. Cowell and the Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union as they continue to serve and bless the community.

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