Publisher's Hometown Celebrates Its Oldest Living Centenarian!

100 years is a long time to experience life. It is no doubt that one who lives this long has seen a lot and has a lot to say. Well, one person who has been there and done that, simply how she wanted to do it, when she wanted to do it, as long as she wanted to do it, or whether she wanted to do it at all, is Mrs. Orlean Williams. Born July 16, 1917 and reared in Samson, she has lived to witness 18 UNITED States of America Presidents, 19 State of Alabama Governors, and several Mayors in the City of Samson, Alabama.

Like many who have passed through the little City of Samson, Alabama, in Geneva County, established in 1905, Mrs. Orlean, affectionately known by the residents, even today, has plenty of memories to reflect upon living in the city that became known as Snuff City, USA Alabama, which by the way was in a race with Roses for a city motto. The battle for the city's motto soon entered a rival with a box car that was parked at the town depot full of snuff for an extended period of time. It never left the city, therefore leaving the pioneers and generals in the city to adopt the name of Snuff City, USA. By the way, the Roses soon died and lost the battle to the Snuff!

Mrs. Orlean, came to be known as a quite lady who carried a big stick, meaning that her voice was mildly pronounced but when she spoke she had a lot to say. She is 1 of 5 sisters who all lived to exceed 95 plus years of age. Her hobbies down through the years have included a favorite time of cooking for her family and friends. She has also made it known that taking a daily dip of Sweet Dentel SNUFF, remember this, is one of her likes. This upstanding resident received high accolades from her peers growing up and keeping connected to them down through the years was always a welcomed gesture. Another important hobby and interest is singing and listening to religious music; of course the greatest joy came when she was accompanied by family during times of singing together. And once again during her celebration on Sunday, before family and friends, she sang the song, Down Through The Years God's Been Good To Me.

Mrs. Williams shares strong family ties and continues to hold onto them. She was married to Kimmie Williams for 43 plus years; he died in 1977. She is the mother of 7 children, two of whom preceded her in death. When talks of family takes place, one can easily detect how committed to her grandchildren that she is. Even though she has 13 grands, 17 great grands, and 15 great, great, grands, she has enough love to spread it to all of them. Knowingly she spares nothing when it comes to them. About 5 years ago she was convinced to move to Memphis, Tn. to live with her daughter, Irene Haralson. She eventually agreed to go, with promises that she could return to Samson when she wanted to. Her hometown is affectionately always first in her heart and everyone knows it. Mrs. Orlean also has two other children, JoAnn and J. C. , who resides in Memphis and are always close to her beck and call.

It is definitely a time of honor for this great woman who is still with us. She has fond memories of a town who celebrates her legacy of reaching 100 years of age. We are so grateful that we can give her flowers while she is with us and able to smell the aroma of love. We also celebrate that she is listed with Smuckers 100 birthday of those who reach this milestone. We celebrate our OLDEST LIVING CENTENARIAN MRS. ORLEAN WILLIAMS OF SAMSON, ALABAMA. May God continue to bless you as you bless others. We love you!

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