Toledo is known for having events, services, conferences, meetings, and get togethers that leave no stones unturned by the end of the agendas. July 7 - 9 was a pivotal weekend in the life of one Bishop Walter T. Myers. This MOG is no stranger to the Body of Christ and certainly not to Toledo.

For many years he was the Presiding Prelate of the True Church of God of the Apostolic Faith where his mark continues to leave forever imprints.

The saints gathered for the weekend, beginning Friday evening, to enjoy the taste of the best catered food that could be enjoyed at the highest level for a Banquet of celebration. Spiritual sons and daughters came from the north, south, east, and west to honor this great man. Many flew in from as far as Arizona, drove in from as far away as Alabama, Michigan and all points east. The GATHERING is a great time of fellowship for the saints who come together to share in the praise and worship corporately so that the Body of Christ can be strengthened, edified, encouraged, uplifted, and extolled to carry on the work that God has assigned to their hands. They meet annually for this time of fellowship.

Saturday evening was the evening of PRAISE. Local churches, ministries, fellowships, and well wishers found there way to Holy Spirit Apostolic Church, 3700 Dorr St. where the services were held and would conclude on Sunday afternoon. Accolades and honor continued throughout the evening for Bishop Myers who has been so influential in the lives of many, who have gone on to matriculate into higher levels of ministry and influence. It is no doubt in the minds of the people of God who shared in the total

One such person is Elder Alphonso Terry who, along with his wife, drove in from Alabama to be a part of this celebration. Elder Terry shares his affection for such a leader who has endured, triumphed, and continues to hear from God all the way. He is so dedicated to the path that God has led Bishop Myers that he has no second thoughts about what he has been taught. Another person who had come from the Arizona, shared his walk that started with Bishop Myers when he was a very young man. Eld. Lamar Clark spoke of the time when he didn't even know Jesus and how Bishop Myers came into his life and how that relationship made a difference in his life then, and it still does.

We celebrate the success once again of THE GATHERING. We know that the people of God look forward to returning on next year. May God continue to bless you Bishop Walter T. Myers and Lady Robin Myers for your diligence and support. God has smiled on you and for his reason, we are grateful!

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