On any Sunday morning in North Toledo on Manhattan Avenue, one can see parishioners crossing the street, parking their cars, and heads being raised at the well dressed churchgoers who are being poised for a day of praising and worshipping the Lord for results.

New Vision Baptist Church and Pastor Perry Harris, seems eagerly ready for an exciting day at the house of God where the songs by the congregants, the choir, and the youth group singers for the day, yielded a spirit of unity, togetherness, and expectation that what each were looking to gain from their attendance, would not disappoint them. The highly spirited atmosphere that filled the walls of the building, created an ambiance to just let go and let God. This seemingly was easy to do for those attending on this Sunday.

Pastor Perry Harris approaches the podium with a sense of self confidence that appears to suggest his assurance would effectively allow him to present the message of the day unassailably. He is a man of many talents. Prior to the message, he once again, exhibits his musical talents and inclinations which are natural and unmasked. He is not a neophyte in his connectedness to music.

Prior to becoming Pastor of New Vision, during the past year, he was the Minister of Music, so his talents certainly made room for him which he still participates willingly in.

The message on this Sunday was taken from the book of Ephesians 6: 1, which reads Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right. His sermon title was "The Things My Daddy Taught Me". He provided examples of how children learned how to ride a bike, how to coordinate and iron their clothes, what to accept and not to accept, and how daddy also taught children to know about Jesus. His message also provided inspiration to fathers as well as to not to provoke their children and to understand the importance of the fathers role in a child's life. He further emphasized the need to teach them how to fear the Lord, love him, and how to live the way that God would have them to live. He expressed the importance of how father lives in front of them.

It is evident that New Vision has plans of reaching the masses. Pastor Harris had been invited to preach on TCT TV, Detroit, Mi. on Thursday evening and the invitation was opened for the church to accompany him. Much excitement was expressed for this opportunity.

We salute New Vision and Pastor Harris, encouraging them to continue to stay on the wall as the Lord prepares them to continue to build his House.

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