City Park League Sees Importance Of Glass City Recreation!

With nearly 4,0000 youth and families gathered for the 2017 CPL Championship Festivities, The CityPark League (CPL) provided activities that impacted all aspects of community and social empowerment. Buckeye Health Plan proved it's commitment to help provide a healthier lifestyle for which the individuals and families they serve.

On Sunday August 13th, CPL hosted our friends LeRoyna Drayton (A-1 Bonds), Devon Fagan (Pinnacle Auto Body and Repairs/WTG), Glenita Kenney (Comm. Center of Hope/Si'Si's Lounge) Jo-Jo Bouncy Land, Ashlee Robinson Play-Land and soooo many more! This event was arguably the largest event at an "inner city park" in the State of Ohio. In support of our efforts Councilwoman Yvonne. Harper, Dr. Cecilia Adams, Sandy. Spang, City Council Candidate Harvey Savage Jr (Kitchen for the Poor), Councilman Larry Sykes, Parks and Rec Commissioner Lisa Ward, TFD Chief Brian Byrd, Lucas County Sheriff Dept, County Commissioner Pete Gerken, McDonald's, Toledo Urban Federal Credit -CEO Suzette Cowell, and others joined in for the festivities.

The 2017 CPL Summer Basketball marks the 4th year our friends from Buckeye Cable System (BCSN) provided coverage of the Championship Game. Also, joining our media friends The Toledo Journal,13Action News, and various other media outlets. In addition, guests from ALL over the country attended this historical day at Savage Park, Toledo Ohio. So what did this annual event provide on Sunday? We are glad that you want to know!

Spotlighted activities by Buckeye Health Plan, A-1 Bonds, HoodStock INC, Center of Hope, CPL and friends provided:

• HUNDREDS of book bags, supplies, school uniforms vouchers.

• FREE FOOD, Cotton Candy,and ICE CREAM throughout the day

• Over 100 Girls received hairstyles for Back2School-FREE

• Over 100 Boys received haircuts for Back2School0-FREE

• 12 different Bounce Houses

• Staged Live musical performances, artists, and entertainers

• TFD FireTruck waterhose spray

• FUN FUN, Horseback Riding and Car Show

• T-Shirt Give-Aways and Much Much More.

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