Elisha Stroder Says: Reach Beyond your DIABETES and LIVE!

Parents generally have a good idea about the interests, skills and likes of their children. After years of growing, evolving, developing, and maturing, it was evident to Mrs. Jackie Ellis that her daughter Elisha, had her eyes on caring for people.

In a recent sit down with Elisha, she revealed that at the age of nine years, her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. After experiencing those sad times and seeing what she had to go through with the illness, and what she thought was insufficient care at the hospital, she decided that this experience was enough to spark her interest in wanting to help people, especially those that looked like her. It was at this point that she began to think about where she would go in life.

Elisha was born and reared in Toledo attending Macomber Whitney H. S. It was here where she decided to further her career so in 1996, she went on to attend Mercy College of Nursing where she obtained an Associates degree. As she became more confident of her lot, she decided to continue educating herself in the field and received a Bachelors degree in Nursing from Lourdes University in 2001. Because Elisha had a desire to do more for those she cared for who had received the diagnosis of Diabetes, she continued at Lourdes University and in 2012, she and her husband were the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN COUPLE IN TOLEDO at Lourdes University to graduate with their Master's degrees. They continued furthering their studies by attending Kaplan University, where both of them matriculated and became Nurse Practitioners.

Elisha always knew that she wanted to help people but had no idea that she would end up on the medicine road that she has embraced. On her road to practicing, Elisha began working in Intensive Care Nursing, taking care of the sickest people. After being in the field for awhile, she felt the call to teach nursing and for twelve years she taught nursing students but even at that, felt the need to do more so she could treat and educate at the same time.

Her desire is to assist those with Diabetes, helping them to learn how to control it. She is excited about helping people and wants everyone to know that her "helping has purpose"! She wanted to do more in the area of Diabetes, especially in educating African Americans because of the lack of education and the desire to bring awareness that even if you have the trait of Diabetes, you don't have to have it, and if you do have it, you do not have to keep it. She stated that everyone in her family has DIABETES but her. She attributes exercising and eating healthy to maintaining absence of this disease. While Elisha is passionate about helping, she also offers assistance to members of her own family who suffer with the disease and has made some progress in helping them to rid themselves of habits that are detrimental to their health.

Elisha Stroder is a certified Nurse Practitioner who specializes in Diabetic Education and Diabetic Foot Care. She aspires to bring DIABETIC AWARENESS AND EDUCATION to the African American community, where statistically 30% suffers from this disease. She says that DIABETES is manageable. Many people are unaware that Diabetic foot exams are a covered benefit under all insurances. Elisha wants to make the care as effortless as possible for those who become patients. She is currently accepting new patients. Her office is located at 4888 Whiteford Rd., Toledo, Oh. 43623. She can reached by calling 419.885.5563. Elisha is also available to provide lectures and awareness sessions to groups upon request. We applaud your efforts and accomplishments Elisha and may God continue to bless you Elisha as you press toward the mark!

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